Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Random Wednesday - cute ideas!

As a photographer I have the beautiful opportunity to see creativity in it's most enlivened moments.  Brides (and sometimes grooms!) create unique weddings they will cherish forever because it represents them.  I encourage every family and couple to depict something they love about who they are  in their photo shoots. Someone told me once to look at your clothes, what you like, what you don't, the colors you enjoy most and your favorite graphic t-shirts :) From there, let your imagination go.... It was a great jumping off point for sure!
I opened this blog in hopes in finding the creative gems that live and work in our area and I have been overwhelmed!! How talented  you all are!
I did want to give a few spotlights to some unique ideas and personal favorites.
 Heidi Barton's Jewelry still have me in awe. Check out THIS piece. Plus, it's one of my favorite colors :)  Check her out here
Debbie Foster from Middleburgh designed my stationary.  Her homemade touch was fantastic. She took my logo designed by Sam Dunnings (Margaretville grad!) and ran with it. I highly suggest her cards to anyone!! Please contact her at for information and pricing!

I shot a wedding with Kristin LiCalzi and thought this was cute for a fall wedding. I am lucky to get eyes and a nose out of pumpkin for my kids' jack-o-lanterns. So naturally...this is impressive to me.


Loved this too. The cork bowl was available to wedding guests. Each guest was to hold one in their palm during the wine ceremony. The bride and groom poured wine from their separate glasses into one in which they drank from the same glass and their guests held tightly to their corks to wish them well!

If you are going to personalize's going to be an instant winner with me.

A themed photo shoot? Newsie style? yes please. Oh wait..those are my kids! How'd they get on here? :)
Have you seen a unique and creative idea in your travels? Let me know! We can feature it on our next Random Wednesday selection!