Sunday, March 15, 2015

More Than Photography:

Dear anyone who looks at this blog, 
I want to tell you so many things, but that will all come in time.  Please help me spread the word about the beautiful organization and this wonderful family.
Doesn't she look great in purple???
For more highlights please visit the high school senior division of our work:  We provide a direct link to donate as well.  Go. Visit. Be Blessed.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

I'm No Doctor, But Here's a Way To Help Your Heart

I am not doctor, but I can tell you the healthiest hearts I know are the ones that freely give of themselves.   The Miracle Fashion Show gives us this chance.  Yes, it’s fun, fashion, music and a night to show off 14 beautiful ladies, but it’s also an opportunity to share about this beautiful gem in our backyard called The Capital RegionMiracle League.

Amber J Photography will welcome you Friday night on March 13, the doors to Sixty State Place (60 State Street Albany) will open at 6:15p.m.  Guests will be allowed to tour the building and meet with several vendors that have given of their time and selves to support us.

AT 7pm we will welcome John Robinson.  I don’t want to give too much away, but he’s pretty awesome and I suggest you see why.

THEY WON’T WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS (they will win hearts):
However, for every person that walks through the door we asking for a $5 donation. Read on to see why...

As coach as a former player it’s easy to understand how beautiful of an instrument playing sports was in my life.  I know that a true athlete lives for the competitive sonnet composed inside each game.  Some of our local athletes will not play for our local high schools or make headlines in a local paper.  They will not earn college scholarships and you may never herald them for their athletic achievements, but they are here and they love sports.

Give because you can.  Attend because you can.  Share the information because you can.  We all can give a little more.
 Some of us can then return to our regularly scheduled lives after March 13, but hopefully with a heart that knows that on that night you DID something or maybe, just maybe we capture your hearts for forever.  We hope we made you smile :)

Our Models : Abby(Bethlehem), Shaylyn (Spa Catholic), Samantha (Middleburgh), Megan (Middleburgh), Effia (Charlottle Valley), Sydney (Cobleskill), Brianna (Middleburgh) Allie (Cobleskill), Chloe (Cobleskill), Emma (Amsterdam), Emily (Cobleskill), Kayla (Cobleskill), Brooke (Dover) and Olivia (Bethlehem), Nathan (Cobleskill) have invested a few night in the past couple of weeks getting ready to put on a show that you will LOVE! These models have all signed under Amber J Photography as models for Amber J Seniors or Epic Teen Images.

The Bethlehem Boys Swim team has donated their time to escort these amazing girls.

Saratoga Sound DJ will be your host for the evening and has generously donated their time as well to make this happen.

Our make up Artist include Jessica, Glory, Bailee and Alexis all of whom are beautiful women and give our girls extra attention and love throughout our work together.

And most generously: Sixty State Place and all of their amazing personnel.