Sunday, January 31, 2016

This Happened and I'm Excited Enough to Eat A Whole Bag Of Tater Tots

Maggie runs the crazy popular wedding blog Rustic Wedding Chic and since been featured in a number of articles and interviews including Huffington Post and the New York Times to name drop a few.
Her blog has reached a fan base in the millions simply by becoming an amazing voice on all things rustic and weddings and is one of the top 10 weddings blogs...ever.
So, I will give you one guess as to where Amber J Photography showed up this week? YES!!! AHHHHHHHH!

Featured on the Rustic Wedding Chic Blog

 Click here: AMBER J FEATURE.   Our amazing couple Steve and Karen had their wedding at The Stone Tavern in Roxbury, NY this past summer and we were the blessed photographers to capture their special day.
If you have time, Shelly and I would love it if you viewed our feature and let us know what you think! The little girl on the fence is one of my favorite (Shelly grabbed that shot!)  While you are there, take a look around, it's a fabulous blog.

We are so happy we are doing a GIVEAWAY!!! Check out our Instagram party for this give away @amberjphoto.  Tag your groom or a groom you know and I'll send them a copy! Comment on our blog AND our instagram and it doubles your changes.  He deserves a little love too!
I didn't eat a whole bag of tater tots... yet.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sunsets and Weddings: Here's How To Find Your Sunset On Your Wedding Day

Doesn't Pinterest make it look amazing? Those beautiful sunsets? That crazy amazing shot of a lifetime?

Well, it IS possible, but it helps to know when the sun will actually set on your wedding day.
I found this awesome link to help you plan: Sunset Graph
Plug in your wedding date and find out what time the sun will drop on your big day.

A few other things to consider:

Your Venue:  Ask your coordinator where the sun sets in regards to the landscape itself.  Some venues may have a mountain or two in the way, so your sunset may be a little earlier than predicted.

Location:  Your venue may be set in a location where you have to walk or drive a bit to get the "the spot".  When you walk around your location, ask where the best place for sunset pictures may be.

Timing: Timing is everything.  Do you want a first look or family pictures at a certain time?  Sunsets are tricky because they come and go quickly.  Allow yourself more time than you think you need (at least a half hour).

Ceremony: I have had couples who wanted their ceremony AT sunset.  It does make for some beautiful ceremony images, but then it is gone.  The sun will be set following your ceremony, so if you want pictures taken afterwards you will have to do without those golden rays.

Photographer: Work with your photographer prior to your wedding day.  This can be an amazing opportunity to create a show stopping wedding image, but poor planning can nix the entire idea.

Weather: The one thing out of your control is weather.  Some of the most beautiful images we have are on rainy wedding days.  It may be the last thing you want, but it won't ruin your wedding day.  It may even enhance it.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Finding Inspiration In What I Can't Do... What Do You Think Of This Piece of Work?

Embracing what I can NOT do has been a slightly backwards way of being inspired.  It works.
Things I Can't Do....
Run for long periods of time
Conduct inspiration speeches
Write Ridiculously good poetry
Wear white :)

Why does stating any of that help? Because it's an adventure watching what other people CAN do and why it inspires me.
It's no secret I love teenagers.  I do. Coaching a girls' soccer team has been one of the biggest rewards I could have given myself and my family.  This year a girl came out who had never played before.  Despite her lack of experience, she was a welcome addition to our teenage family of soccer players.
As I got to know her, I found out what an astonishing artist she is and will continue to be.
From doodles, to sketches to painting to much more, this girl will rock the art world.
She painted this and you will see it when you venture into my studio.

I asked her to incorporate our some of our colors and beauty without a face.  It's how I see people.  Everyone (yes everyone) has a story worth telling.  Everyone has something beautiful (even the most frustrating person you know, could probably inspire you.)

I can't paint like this. I can't even attempt to.  I can be inspired by it though.  I love it. What do you think?

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

21 Amazing Reasons To Come Visit For Your Portraits and Weddings {Featuring Photographer Caleb Jacobus}

There is a reason Upstate NY is one of the most beautiful destinations for weddings and portrait work. This year alone we have had the chance to work with couples from India, England, Paris, NYC and California who have traveled here to get married or be photographed with their family. Of course we have many local clients who know when they have a good thing!
When you own your own business, you can go anywhere. It's freeing and terrifying all at the same time. However, when I saw the work of Caleb Jacobus, I realized he was telling the story I so wanted people to hear and know. Instead of writing out all the reasons Upstate NY, Schoharie County and quaint little Middleburgh feature some of the best locations EVER,  I thought I would let Caleb show in you in some of his work. Of course, there are many more reasons and I will probably stalk him again to feature more work. For now, enjoy the very reasons I live and work right here and why you should probably come here too.

oh hey....there's my studio :)

Need I say more?

Monday, January 11, 2016

Personal Project : What Does Black and White Do For You?

A few weeks ago I did a personal project. It was nothing more than just having some fun with black and white portraiture. Some people love black and white and some are indifferent. I LOVE IT.
I stole Chelsea for about a half hour and we shot some images that I was looking to create in black and white.   I have found that there are times when I need to photograph simply to create.  I will do more personal projects this year.  It will make me a better creative artist, it will make me a better photographer, it will allow me to serve everyone who comes my way...better.
I like better.
Enjoy this beautiful and lovely young lady!
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Three beautiful women in my life: Ardith, Marie and Ms. Emmalyn

When I attend something that is not work related I gladly leave my camera behind.   That's kind of lame.  This Thanksgiving I grabbed my camera on the way out the door because I have two precious people in my life that most people never get to claim. 
Both of my grandmothers (My kid's great grandmother's) are alive and well.  Isn't that amazing? Andrew 13 and Austin 9, will have distinct memories of not only their grandparents, but their great grandmother's.  I know that is precious and I know that it is rare.  How dare I not capture them whenever I can?
This Thanksgiving was also fun, because my brother and his wife had a baby girl! We all fight for her attention.  I couldn't help but include her in most of these!
So here are these beautiful women who have survived a lifetime of ups and downs. I wonder what they think when the look at the generations they are responsible for in this life?  

Now for the record, these pictures were accidentally watermarked when I exported them...I don't watermark my own family photos :) haha. 
Yes these images will be precious and because they are so precious they will be printed.  I have small, but furious passion for printing your images...more on that to come. 
For now, how beautiful are all three of these women??? 
Ardith, my grandmother on my mom's side

 Marie, my grandmother on my dad's side.
 the cutest darn baby you ever did see... Emmalyn
 and another...

 three great grandchildren!!

Ok one more of emmalyn :)