Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Why Make Up For Your Portraits?

It can be a little daunting! However, capturing that look for your portrait can be a little less intimidating with a few simple steps. If you are not a makeup wearing, couture donning individual, then don’t try to be the day of your shoot. Alternatively, if you are a fashionista, be your authentic self. The first step in all of this is to embrace your own individuality, and capture it.

Here are a few simple beauty tips to capture the best YOU possible! -
While it sounds obvious, take care of your skin! Wash your face, once in the morning, and then before bed.
 A solid option for all skin types (and organic to boot) is Coconut Oil! Coconut oil acts as a “smart bomb” for your skin – if you tend to have dry skin, it moisturizes, if you run oily, it regulates the skin by keeping oil glands and sebum production in check! It also acts as a sunscreen, and is an antibacterial agent! -

Three words. BROWS, LIPS, LASHES.
In that order of importance! If you do nothing else, a little makeup application in these zones will make your features POP!

In makeup application, there are no rules! 
Many will tell you there are. Yes, standard rules work
( i.e. bold eye and downplayed lip vs. bold lip and downplayed eye). If it is your own personal style, downplay or “bold-up” whatever your see fit.

If you choose to go with a professional stylist or makeup artist for your shoot, these are helpful tips:
  * If you choose to wax your eyebrows, or any facial hair, make sure you do so more than 72 hours before your makeup application.  Waxing removes the outer layer of skin, leaving it “slick” and difficult to retain makeup.
 * If you decide to get a facial, or give yourself a facial, do it at least a week earlier than your shoot.  It is very typical to have an initial breakout after your facial, which means its working!  However, it’s nice to avoid having blemishes on your special day! 

Don’t wash your hair the day of styling!

That’s it for this week!  Enjoy your shoot, relax, be yourself!  Your photographer has it all handled!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Welcome to the #341! (Oh and check out our feature with Flower Ally!)

Welcome to #341. Thank you everyone who stopped by #341 Saturday and said hello to our new home and studio.  It meant a lot to see those who took their time to wish us luck and just show us support. #smalltownawesome.

We did it! Knotsvilla Weddings chose to feature us in their Top 10 Wedding Bouquet highlights!  I would love to take credit for this master piece, but I cannot, I merely snapped the pic.   Allison Sanganetti (Flower Ally) was the artist that brought to life the featured creation!

Check out our feature here: Knotsvilla  (the pic below is a hint!)