Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Upstate NY Photographer: MOB, what are you going to wear??

Dear Mother of the Bride, this blog is for you.  What do you wear for the wedding? How do you choose what is appropriate, but stylish?  Perhaps, we should answer that question prior to the big day and have you feeling fabulous and confident on your daughter's wedding day.
Stylist Kathleen Kiernan from Closet Therapy For You is our guest blogger today, with a few a tips and tricks for your wedding day attire..
loved her simple, yet elegant look.

When it comes to the bride there are absolutely tons of” how to,” “what to” and “where to” guidelines . . . but what about you, Mom?
How does the Mother of the Bride (from here on affectionately referred to as MoB!) decide how she can look her best on her daughter’s Big Day?

1.Stay with colors that work for you – even though this is a special day, it’s not the time to experiment with neons just because they’re the latest color trend – stick with tried and true colors that enhance your own natural coloring.

2. Dress for comfort – not JUST for style – of course, looking beautiful on this day is a given for Moms of the Bride, but remember it is going to be a long wonderful day, you will be doing the light fandango and being snapped non-stop by the wedding paparazzi AKA hired photographers and your uncle Al from Pittsburgh. . .  make sure that the gorgeous look you select for this day is one you will FEEL comfortable in all day while looking DIVINE.
3 Elegant and Sophisticated are the watchwords of the day for the MoB!  By the time our children are old enough to tie the knot we are old enough to enjoy who we are and the signature looks that work for us. . . listen Moms, you deserve your beautiful elegance at this season of life . . . wear it well with a dress that is sophisticated and elegant . . . something dreamy that enhances your look. 

Remember Mom, you deserve your own beautiful look today too – embrace – enjoy – be elegant!

4. Fit to be fantastic!  Let’s face it . . . we have all been there trying to put a size 10 body in a size 6 dress because it just screams: Must have!  The fit that fits is the fit that works . . . be good to yourselves, ladies . . . select a look that fits fabulously and you will look fabulous in it! 

5. Finally, set a budget . . . so much emotion is attached to this day . . . one that most MoB’s have looked forward to for a lifetime.  By setting a budget you can look beautiful AND be practical. (Great role modeling for the newlyweds, Mom!)  Why not consider consignment shopping for a fabulous look that is –one-day-only-wear-worthy?  In the Capital Region, Fifi’s Frocks and Frills has an awesome selection of beautiful dresses that you will wear very well . . . AND so will your pocketbook!

Kathleen is available for one-on-one home visits as well as walking you through her favorite stores to select the look that is right for you.
For more information email: amberjphoto@gmail.com