Friday, May 27, 2016

I can't speak for our servicemen and women, but I can say this:

I love Memorial Day weekend in a sentimental sort of way.  There's so much to take in and reflect upon.  The biggest and foremost is the sacrifice so many families have faced.  I put myself there as best as I can, especially when I look at my sons and think "what if it were them"?
That's a tough one.  I am mom so I think of the mom's that have lost their sons or daughters for our country.  What must they think sometimes as they watch our country (politics aside)?  I can't answer that, I haven't had to sacrifice a child or time away from a loved one for the sake of country. But I can say this.

There is still good.

Here's a little reminder of the good in our country that you have so richly defended:

There are still those who rescue fallen hikers and run into burning buildings.
There are those who stay after school to help students with their math homework.
There are those who randomly throw out compliments and cheer on other people's success.
There are those who still smile from behind the counter and say "have a nice day".
There are those who travel the world to dig wells for desperate people in need of water and those who take the elderly to their doctor's appointments.
There are volunteer coaches and volunteer firemen.
There are people who give out hugs and people who share their lives and money.
There are those who text smiley faces and those say I love you.
There are mamas still raising amazing men and dads fishing with their little girls.
There are boys who still hold open doors and girls who still know how to be ladies.
There are people who will share their chocolate
There are officers saving lives and people still saying "In God We Trust"
There are still families having family dinner
There are those fighting for children and those fighting for freedom
There people who are rescuing abused animals and scooping turtles off the side of the road
There are nurses keeping heartache at bay and surgeons doing the impossible
There people who still know how to laugh
There are children looking through baseball cards and playing on guitars
There are dreamers and artist
There are campfires and friendships
There are people who still hug and young men who shake hands
There are best friends having coffee and parents snuggling their children
There are people rebuilding lives and traveling the country building homes
There are fort-builders and daydreamers. There are church services and birthday parties.
There are barefoot travelers and back yard picnics
There are novel makers and dinner creators
There are those who wear Chewbacca masks and break the internet
There are those stacking wood for their neighbor
There are comeback stories and Olympic victories
There are children learning to share
There are still bed time stories being read and Netflix binges with families
There are grandmas planting gardens and dads mowing lawns
There are those sitting patiently listening to a friend
There are those marching in parades
There are thunderstorm watchers and lightning bug catchers
There homemakers who create world changers
There are smore's being made and strangers becoming friends
There is still hope.
There is still good. 

So for those who sacrificed and those who will...Thank you. Thank you for giving a chance for goodness to grow.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Every Wedding Is Different, Stop Comparing

Comparison. The great destruction of confidence, love and security.   It's not just for weddings, it's life.  The invention of Facebook gave us a front row seat to the art and destruction of comparison.  We may not even realize we do it sometimes, but stop and listen, I bet we all do it more that we think we do.

For you beautiful wedding couples about to get married this year.  Stop comparing.  Your wedding is special because it's yours.  That may sound cliche, but it's true.

This will not be a drawn out lengthy post about wedding day do's and don't, but I want to pass along this beautiful piece of advice from someone I was talking to this week.  She is someone who has spoken into my life more than she probably realizes!

"I always want to see couples spend more time getting ready for their marriage than getting ready for their wedding day.  The wedding day is gone in just one day, the marriage is what they have left"

Spend some fun time together in the month leading up to your wedding where you aren't really focused on the wedding planning.  Just enjoy each other for a few moments before you starting combing through the guest list once again :)

Amber and Shelly

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Schoharie County ARC: A gem in our county

I admit it, when I first started looking into the Schoharie County ARC I had no idea the number of programs they facilitate and the number of people they help.
The Schoharie County ARC is located right in Schoharie and is designed to help people with disabilities garner jobs.  They also provide assisted living, transportation and support just to name a few things!
You can check out their website here:

So that brings us to paint wars. We are inviting teens from all over to participate and be a part of something special.  This is a chance to give back.  This is a chance to be a blessing to others.  This is a chance to have a heck of a lot of fun for a really wonderful organization. 

Would you consider helping us?
Here are some options:
Volunteers: email us
Sponsorship/gifts: Would you like to donate a give away prize to our paint war participants?
During the games we will be awarding prizes and photographing them with their prize.  We would love to hear from you.  Email us!

FORM A TEAM! We would love to have you participate.  Click here~

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Jefferson Art Students on Set!

The Jefferson art students pulled together a shoot for us during a three day work shop we did with them.  We asked them to design a simple styled shoot for us while we guided them through ideas, lighting and posing.  These following images were ALL their ideas culminating into a shoot.  We helped with some lighting, but they designed the background and chose our model!  The dress and idea were also their's and away we went. 
I loved this!  It was such a blast going into a class and working along side some creative young girls to see what they had in mind.  The class periods flew by.  I can't wait to do it again and see what else is in our near future with some awesome students!
We will be doing workshops again in May if you are a teacher or student and would like us to work with you! It's all free and it's a whole bunch of fun!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Behind the Scenes with Brooke and Gabbi

We had a blast doing a styled shoot with these amazing girls! The final blog post is here: on our children portraiture site.  However, I'm a sucker for behind the scenes stuff.  Forgive my weird faces, I don't know why I do that!
Thanks to Amy McCan from 560 Salon and Spa in Cobleskill for making this look perfect!
PS: child fantasy portraits are available by inquiry at  Email us and ask for information! We even include a super cute goodie bag for all our amazing clients! Wanna chat? Thats fine too! 518-657-9218!

Amy makes magic happen~
I just liked this that's why it's here :)

this is how I get people to work with me apparently...the choke hold!

I have no idea what I am doing, but Brooke is having a good time with her frame.

fly away hair and wind do not go well together.  There is no hair spray strong enough to withhold such powers.

they survived!