Friday, September 2, 2016

Those Backless Wedding Dresses are Great - for Great Backs! {Battle of the Bulge... Back Bulge that is!} Fitness Pro Kimberlee Marino

Hi Brides! It’s your Albany based bridal fitness expert here, Kimberlee Marino! This time I want to

focus on battling the ever important... back bulge (cue the scary music). As we posted

last time, to get rid of body fat, first and foremost is nutrition. Pick healthy food choices

and those pounds will be sure to start dropping. As far as workout though, we need to

torch some calories and focus on sculpting those back muscles so we can have that

smooth and sexy fit in your gorgeous wedding dress.

Here’s how we do it- a fat burning, back blasting workout.

Do this circuit 3x with 30 seconds rest between rounds
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Jump Rope 45 seconds

Ball Slams 20x

 TRX Mid Rows 15x

Supine Resistance Band Reverse Flies 10x

Renegade Rows 30 seconds

Superman Hold 15 seconds

Lat Pull Down 20x

Kettlebell High Row 15x

 and Burpee 10x