Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Personal Touch; Cards With Aubrey

Aubrey Hait, a graduate of Jefferson Central School,  loves getting snail mail from her family and friends and the pure enjoyment of getting mail spurred her decision to start writing letters and making her own cards rather than email or texting. 
Recipients were not shy about telling Aubrey how lovely her handmade cards were. It was then, her business idea was born.
Aubrey now holds monthly card workshops where everything is pre-cut for attendees and stamps, ink, adhesives as well as embellishments are all provided. This enables the process of creating unique and personal cards can be made.
Aubrey became an independent consultant for Close To My Heart, the name of her business is Stampin' Fun with Close To My Heart.
Her venue for selling can be found through her website The creative artist also has her own Etsy shop where she sells her card creations at
When we asked Aubrey what was unique about her trade, we loved her response.
"With the rise of technology, people are now sending facebook wishes, text messages, emails and e-cards to keep in contact and commemorate special occasions.  The feeling someone gets when they receive an email from an old friend is likely heartwarming.  However, had that friend spent very little money to send a handmade card and expressed the same sentiments in their own handwriting, the recipient would feel gratitude and personal attachment to the sender.  This personal attachment doesn't seem to occur much anymore, and I am hoping that my card making business will help keep the bonds between friends solid and everlasting.  Everyone has a reason to send a card!"

Who doesn't love to receive a card in the mail? Aubrey has worked with a variety of costumers including brides who need thank you cards, table numbers, favors and place cards .
Sometimes, it's nice to send a card for no reason at all :)

Aubrey's are also a perfect touch to the holidays!!! She is located in LaFayette, NY but works with consumers across the United States.

Please contact her at.:
Etsy shop:
CTMH website:

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Saving Something For A Rainy Day?

Sierra Hillis and Stephanie Tompkins have joined forces to create a fresh, creative and unique style to items they love the most.
Sierra said the idea came when she was pregnant and she desired to save money on baby goods.  Though she loved the items she found such as a baby sling and a car seat cover, she didn't have the money to pay big prices on designer items.  It began with designing a sling, then a tote and then a car seat cover.  When she wanted to come up with a unique shower gift she designed a PottiPak and Designer Wipes Case bundle for a gift and that is when the business began to explode.
Stephanie joined her friend with her ability to crochet and the business was born.
RainyDay Originals is about personality and style; YOUR personality and style, something the nearest chain retailer can't provide.
This new business provided individually designed items that are handmade at a reasonable price. The future website can be found at
Please check them out as they provide fantastic tote bags, booties, baby shoes and the cutest of hats.
The business is inspired by Sierra and Stephanie's children and encouraged by those who buy their products and fall in love.
They can also be found on facebook and are located in and near Hobart, NY!