Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tips on How To Make Your Flower Girl Experience Effortless and Fun!

That moment when the flower girl does her thing! It really can be one of the highlights of the wedding ceremony! Although, let’s face it, if that little cutie isn’t prepared for her debut, it can turn on you!  Let’s start with the selection process in this very important role.  Cuteness factor is where we all like to go of course! However it is not the only thing to consider. 

 The best success comes with children four years of age and over (usually, it falls within a 4-8 year range).  Your two year old niece might be the next Mary- Kate Olsen circa “Full House”, but might not be able to handle or like being the center of attention, even if for a moment.  Or being dressed up in frills through the entire event!  When you do make your choice, consider the following:

·       Make it a special day for her too! Most every little lady wants to be a bride, so a little”mini-bride” treatment can work wonders! Leading up to the big day, make her a part of her dress selection process.

 ·       Find a way to figure out what accessories she likes-maybe a tiara or a children’s bracelet that she gravitated towards while shopping for the dress.  Give it to her as a gift the day of the wedding!

·       If you are getting hair/make up done on the premises, have her parent(s) drop in with her when everyone is almost done (usually when everyone is getting final touches), and get one of the artists to put a wee bit of glitter or blush on her face.  Maybe a curl or two in her hair.  Make sure you clear it with the parents, and the artists – they are on a timeline! She’ll get comfortable with the wedding party, and feel pretty to boot!

·       Sometimes, it is not a bad idea to pair your flower girl with one of your bridesmaids, a Junior Bridesmaid, to alleviate nervousness for her.  It’s also a nice touch, if she is walking alone, to give her something to carry with a little activity associated with it (i.e. basket with rose petals).  It ironically is a “nervousness alleviator” due to the fact that the concentration is not on all the people in the room gazing at her!
      Last but not least, have a familiar adult there when she starts her walk down the aisle, and another waiting for her when she completes it. Somewhat obvious, but often overlooked!

We would love to see YOUR flower girl:  tag us on Instagram @amberjphoto. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Favorite Accessory for Senior Portraits and Weddings. Thanks to The Floral Garden!!

We are honored to feature Tom Hofmeister, owner of The Floral Garden in Delmar, N.Y. this week.  Tom graced us with his gorgeous and ethereal floral crowns for our senior portraits featured in this blog! A beautiful and unique touch for your senior portrait, in addition to any special event, where you want to shine!
We really don't have to write much more just look at these images with our Amber J Senior Model Rep, Abby. 
 One of my all time fave shots (Shelly Wood grabbed this moment and I'm in love)
 When you get the flower crown to match her eyes !

The Floral Garden opened originally in 1993.  After a career in the corporate arena, Tom purchased the business in 2013.  Tom is self described as being an individual who has had a lifetime passion for flowers, whether it be growing them, arranging them, or always having an arrangement in his office during the corporate days of his career. Having grown tired of the “corporate world”, the opportunity to buy The Floral Garden presented itself, and he made the leap!

Tom employs seven talented staff members  (including the original owner).  They pride themselves with “high end results to fit any budget”, and a knack for tailoring their work to the client’s unique and special vision.  Their services range from Teleflora or wire service products, to in home decorating, private parties, weddings, funerals, and proms. They will also travel within a 100 mile radius to serve you from their Delmar, N.Y. location.
Can you see why I am in love with them?
Some behind the scenes for your view pleasure :) haha

I will be posting more about this shoot on my senior portrait( site soon.  We had a LOT of fun. Thanks to Jessica Wynia for this stellar make up job!

“A creative design with a personal touch”
Please visit:
The Floral Garden
340 Delaware Avenue
Delamar, NY 12054

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Elite 8 Child Model Reps Wanted :)

As we grow and expand we listen to what people would like to do and see and we aim to make it happen.
As our Epic Teens and Styled Senior Portrait Business Grows we KNOW there are some amazing children out there with rockin' families!

So, we will be launching our Elite 8 program.

Who: For kids ages 6-11.

What: A model rep program that allows kids to delve into the world of photography, fashion and new experiences.

When: Our first meeting will be held at our Studio on #341 Main Street, Tues Aug 25 at 7 pm.  Our second meeting will take place Tuesday Sept 1 at Prof. Javas in Albany at 7 pm.

These meeting we will explain how the program works, what is involved and how we can design some awesome sessions with your child!

This program also lends the opportunity for unique family photos before the Christmas season.  The Elite 8 will be given  various opportunities to work in front of the camera as well as earn family sessions and did I mention have TONS OF FUN!!?

So, if you are interested please click HERE!