Thursday, October 6, 2016

Killer Services, Awesome Location, Amazing Memories at Owls Hoot Barn in Coxsackie!

Just imagine meeting up with your true love in a little secluded grotto, the summer sun glinting off a nearby stream; to see each other on your wedding day for the first time. Or greeting all of your guests in one of the many quiet country settings with wildflowers and majestic willows all around.
This is what you will find at Owls Hoot Barn. Owner, Kerri, took the time to show us around her lovely vintage property, which features a historic 1800’s Dutch barn and & complex of smaller barns which have retained their rich heritage to provide a unique atmosphere for your event.

What we love:
The attached pavilion offers a great cocktail hour space, ceremony site as a rain plan, and more.
Provided onsite are TONS of various decor and vintage furniture items to help you bring your ideas to life.
Plenty of time for preparations! They only run one event per week and allow access 3 days prior so you can be well rested and really enjoy your event day.
The Owls Nest Cabin!!! A finished 2 story bridal suite cabin that is attached to the main house. 
Plenty of places to stay for you and your guests!
It’s all in the name: When asked why ‘owls hoot’ the answer was perfect, land of the owls hoot is the American Indian translation for Coxsackie, the little town on the Hudson River waterfront rich in history of the past. How fitting then that this old barn be called Owls Hoot Barn…
Interested in more? Check them out here:
In the meantime....feast your eyes on these images from their farm!

Owner, designer and planner extraordinaire: Please meet Kerri,
she has 15 years experience to make your day great!

The little two story barn with bottom level pavilion is the perfect entry area to welcome your guests to your special day. DYI and make this space just perfect! We love the loft with second story window for some amazing photo opps…

Many indoor, outdoor and covered areas to use the vintage furniture and accessories to customize to your own tastes.

Lots of willows that add a mystical quality to your surroundings…

Plenty of room for lawn games and smores by the fire.

A country feel but close enough to hotels and amenities to make it the perfect get away with all the conveniences!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Those Backless Wedding Dresses are Great - for Great Backs! {Battle of the Bulge... Back Bulge that is!} Fitness Pro Kimberlee Marino

Hi Brides! It’s your Albany based bridal fitness expert here, Kimberlee Marino! This time I want to

focus on battling the ever important... back bulge (cue the scary music). As we posted

last time, to get rid of body fat, first and foremost is nutrition. Pick healthy food choices

and those pounds will be sure to start dropping. As far as workout though, we need to

torch some calories and focus on sculpting those back muscles so we can have that

smooth and sexy fit in your gorgeous wedding dress.

Here’s how we do it- a fat burning, back blasting workout.

Do this circuit 3x with 30 seconds rest between rounds
 Want more of Kimberlee's fitness awesome? Contact her! email

Jump Rope 45 seconds

Ball Slams 20x

 TRX Mid Rows 15x

Supine Resistance Band Reverse Flies 10x

Renegade Rows 30 seconds

Superman Hold 15 seconds

Lat Pull Down 20x

Kettlebell High Row 15x

 and Burpee 10x

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Braids By Lexi Just Busted Up Boring... What do you think?

Lexie from the amazing Cherry Blossom Belle  blog showed off her talent with some of our Amber J Teen Models and Amber J Senior Models.
 Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, attendee or just a girl looking for something special and different, these styles kill it!   Here are some gorgeous braids ideas Lexi created in our studio and she can create for you too. 

Check them out.  

I love the touch of real flowers in her hair.

Though the braid is amazing, the way it frames her face is perfect.

Emma's braid was so beautiful. Once again the flowers were the perfect touch.

It's like a flower crown!


Lexi rocks. Check out more at Cherry Blossom Belle