Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beautiful Us Campaign... Congrats Jody and Vanessa!

Even photographers need a little inspiration sometimes, and let me tell you, the Beautiful Us Campaign was amazing. I was so excited every time a new gallery came through! There were so many facets to this idea. Raising awareness and some money (almost $300) for Love146 was the heart and soul of this idea.  Please take some time to visit and read the stories of children rescued and needing to be rescued from child sex slavery.
Additionally, we had students, teachers, business people, moms, dads and college students submit to this campaign and it was amazing!
The judges consisted of 4 out of state professional photographers, 2 art teachers, 2 designers, 1 up and coming photographer, 2 people not in a professional...BUT with a great creative eye! So we had a lot of different eyes looking at this gallery that has been viewed by 5,000 people according to facebook business stats!!!!! WHOO HOO!
I am including the first and second place winners as well as honorable mention submissions that our judges really liked!

First Place: Jody ( Kindle Fire Coming your way!!!)

Judges comments: "I liked the composition, it was just enough to see where she was at, which tells you and I think goes hand in hand with the joy in her face. I like how the pews slowly go out of focus too. Great use of light and color. A face and eyes definitely tell a story. For instance, she obviously still has her real teeth! She grew up in a time when fixing the gap either wasn't important, or she never had the money to do so. Very different thinking by today's standards, being that we're such a cosmetic society. It helps show that true beauty isn't always just cosmetic. It's the joy in your soul, which will shine through your face and eyes."

"Composition is strong in all of the pictures. The subject is not in the center of the frame in any of the pictures,using the rule of 3rds. In one all you see is her hand. But in the shot of her hand you still understand who this lady is. The work is well composed, but simple, portraiture. It tells the story of Helen well. The subject was well lit in all pictures. Well done."

Second Place: Vanessa! ( $75 gift card coming your way!)

Judges Comments: "A story well told with creative lighting using the sun as back lighting. I especially liked the one of her just standing, almost moving, further into the frame. I thought it conveyed emotion and thoughtfulness well. the composition was fairly good in all three photos."

"These images tell a story. They invite you in and your realize you are just kind of wondering and thinking. The girl's face isn't clear, so there is some mystery, the use of sun gives it a fairytale like feeling, and the dream that this young woman wants to convey something beautiful in her dance. loved it."

Honorable Mentions: Luz

Judges comments: "It was a very creative concept. I liked the use of b&W and color in the first photograph. I got the point they were trying to convey. It needed a little polish, but overall thinking outside the box to tell a story with visuals"


"This gallery is refreshing. I love it's simplicity and the earthy feel I get. I wonder what she is looking at? It's eye catching and has that free feeling, almost whimsical.  If you can invoke that in a person, than you have done a great job."

Judges comments:  "I spent about an hour going through these, and slowly narrowed it down to this one. I liked her story, and taking that into consideration, I think this photo shows her natural beauty- natural feminine curves, beautiful red hair, and her curves flow along with her legs. Excellent use of light and composition, and I like how you can clearly see her face and eyes. Even how she's looking out a window toward the light, as if to say despite the challenges so far in life, she's overcome them and she's looking ahead."

Monday, April 2, 2012

Rainy Day Originals Creates Something Just For Me!

SO. The dilemma? I couldn't find a laptop bag I liked. My Mac Book has a 17 inch screen and very few laptop bags fit that size screen. I also wanted one that kinda went with my colors (baby blue and chocolate brown) can we say I had no luck?
I asked the lovely ladies at Rainy Day Originals if they could design a bag just for me. Could they??? Of course they could!! They ALSO designed a sleeve for one of my long lenses so while I am shooting I have it right there on my hip and can change lenses quickly if I need to - without carrying an entire bag around....and of course...everything matches. Needless to say - it didn't break the bank either.
Check it out :)

laptop  messenger bag!!
lens style bag! love it!
check out Rainy Day On facebook!