Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Upstate NY Photographer: Weddings and Seniors...oh my.

 When I first started dappling with the idea of my own business, I cringed...EVERYONE wants to be a photographer. EVERYONE.  I quickly discovered, everyone wants to be a photographer, but not everyone wants to be a business owner. Ah.... light bulb moment.
There are a million decisions to make every day. Since the inception of Amber J Seniors, let's make that a million and one.  However, for the first time since my break from a "real" job a few years ago. I am set. I am where I feel I can have two feet firmly planted and break free of doubt and wonder.
Weddings and Seniors.  This is in no way absolute. This world is too big and too beautiful to forgo producing imagery in other aresa, but these two avenues are where my heart beats with excitement.
I love weddings.
I love seniors.
I didn't come to that conclusion lightly.  In fact the senior thing was something I didn't feel I truly wanted to do until the idea of stylized shoots came in my head and realized NO ONE around here does this!
There is so much to explore in just these two areas that I can't wait to see what unfolds.  So if you are wondering why the heck there two sites, two twitters and two instagrams...all attached to my name, it's because they are their own. Amber J Seniors will run under the umbrella but separate from Amber J Photography/Weddings.  They are their own entity and it's a blast watching them come to life and breathe :)
It all comes together here: on this landing page. EEEEK!~