Sunday, April 20, 2014

Upstate NY Wedding Photographer: Post Wedding Blues and a Little Help from FRIENDS

"I'm actually really sad it's over," said one of my brides when I saw her a couple of weeks after her wedding. "it's kind of sad to think I'm done planning my wedding."

She wasn't alone, the more people I asked the more I realized it happens to a lot of brides.  You have spent a year or more planning your wedding day, it makes sense that there is a sense of loss when it all comes to an end.

So I asked a few couples what they did to combat the "post wedding day blues". (The last idea is my favorite).

1. Get out of town.
Even if it's not a big honeymoon. Go somewhere and rest and enjoy each other.  Talk about the day, relive it and laugh through all of the moments you remember.

2. Gifts. Indulge in unwrapping all those amazing wedding gifts or splurge on a fantastic date night with some of the money you probably received. 

3. Help someone else plan their wedding.  I have known two brides two have actually turned their penchant for wedding planning into a business. 

4. Fill your time with something else.  You have spent so much time planning your wedding it's time to indulge in a new activity.   Volunteer for special needs, start blogging, take up some sort of new hobby.  

5.  Get help. If it's serious depression where you realize you aren't eating well and can't seem to truly function, it may be something you need to seek extra help for in a friend, another bride who has dealt with the same feelings or professional help.  There are actual groups out there for this very thing believe it or not. 

6. Relive the moments in photographs, videos and candids from your professionals as well as your friends oh and start writing thank you cards...that will take also help you refocus on what is truly important.  Your friends and family just spent months indulging in you.  Thank them. 

7. Host a post wedding brunch.  If your family and friends are local - you can always have a post wedding event.  I have heard some people host brunches, dinners, cook outs, camping trips... you name it.   Do something to celebrate your new family bond and spousal connection.  Have fun!

8.  Do This: Smile and enjoy the time you spent planning your wedding and sometimes it's ok to just put your wedding dress back on and pull a Monica Gellar :)  

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Upstate NY Wedding Photographer: Grandma Flower Girls

I wish this was my idea. It wasn't.  However, when I saw this image on the Huffington Post I just about melted in a million ways. Grandma flower girls.

*Though not everyone will have grandparents alive and well at their wedding, it's a beautiful option if they are.  Grandmas as flower girls or even a dear friend or elderly aunt.  It's precious for so many reasons!!!
*They have lived life.  They probably have been married and have ages of wisdom in those precious wrinkles.
*They love you, so very much.  They have seen hard times and good times and have probably loved and lost love.
* They understand the sincerity of your wedding vows and when they smile at you it's years worth of knowledge reflecting in their eyes.
*For a moment, you have given them a chance to be youthful and fun as they toss pedals or simply walk toward you in this time you have allotted just for them.
It's not tradition, it's not possible for everyone.  It's just something that tugged at my heart and I thought....if only I had thought of that.