Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Upstate NY Photographer: Guests, favors and menus..so creative!

We had summer right? I think so. It just so happen it went by in a blur. That is what I blame anemic blogging on. I have broken every blogging rule known to the social media sphere and especially the No. 1 rule: be consistent.
We are working on that actually. I love blogging, just have had less time to do it. I was considering asking for a little blogging help, but I have to think about that a little more.
However, I did want to share a unique table display for guests.  The bride found all these animals, spray painted them herself and they became great table conversation as her guests found their seats.

Additionally! Their RSVP cards were hysterical. Madlib style..remember those? Adjective, noun, verb, adverb? 

and one more favorite thing about this wedding, the menu:

More highlights from weddings coming up! But definitely had to share these from a wedding I am currently working on.