Sunday, June 29, 2014

Are You Going To Be A Jerk To My Wedding Party? - And Other Questions You Really Want To Ask

It’s the conversation within the conversation.  There are concerns and questions every potential couple hunting for their wedding photographer want to ask, but don’t.

I get the usual list of questions google provides everyone who searches “Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer”, but what I find is that most couples want to make sure their photographer is going to be fun, engaging and easy to work while producing some amazing images!

To put it simply you want to know that "we play nice with others".

we like happy bridal parties!
You ask: “How do you handle large bridal parties and how long will it take?”

What you are really asking: “Are you going to be a jerk to my friends and family and are we going to get to cocktail hour?”

I answer: Your friends and family WILL have fun. I understand having their pictures taken will not be the highlight of their day.  We have found a way to keep it lighthearted and easy while quickly mastering the speed and agility of taking photographs in time for cocktail hour.
I make no promises about not being in any photos 

You Ask: “So my friends get a little crazy, is that ok?”

What you are really asking:  “Are you going to get really annoyed with our best man who likes to play practical jokes and tends to be the life of the party?”

My Answer: Not at all. These are your friends and it’s about your day. BUT! If your best man is going to play a practical joke on us, be very sure we have retribution rights.

But Jason had an awesome speech!
You Ask: “We have a super large family and bridal party, really large. Can you handle that?”   
What you are really asking?  “Can you gather up our family in a timely manner so that we get all the pictures and still get to the reception before midnight?”

My Answer: Oh never fear. We possess this super power!  What is this super power? It’s communication. I have a plan all laid out with you and your family before the big day that gets everyone ready and posed for action. Never fear!

Well, that's just shameless actually.
 You Ask: What's your style?

What you really want to ask?  Are you going to make us do weird and uncomfortable poses  We aren't really into that.

I answer: My style is a mixture of photojournalism and making you feel comfortable enough to capture your special moments without making them feel staged. No fancy yoga poses and staring off into space, but we gently guide you through a few ideas and capture them as they happen.

(ok the pic to the left was staged)

To put it simply, our job is to create a memory within a memory.  We want you to love your images and you aren't going to love them if it's not fun, professional and done in a timely manner.    We can even play nice if your bridal party is chased by zombies...

This image gave me an idea for all future bridal parties....that's coming soon. These chicas were superheroes.  They were gorgeous, beautiful, fun superheroes. 

What are some questions YOU have for a photographer?