Monday, September 29, 2014

You might love it or hate it....

Whenever you try something new, it's going to resonate with people differently. 
However, a couple of things have happened in the past few months, but the most recent has been the onslaught of senior portraiture work. 
I LOVE seniors.  As we work to provide amazing quality and service to each senior we are also providing a little mystic if you will. 
Each week we are creating a piece of art from each session.  It can be purchased in print or it can just be enjoyed for it's pure magic.  We always feature them first on Instagram.... @amberjseniors
Amber J Senior Model: Jordan - Worcester Central School

Bring on the creativity!!!
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Don't Forget This...

I have chanted "I will survive September" more than a million times this week.  Ok, so it's a little dramatic, but sometimes I like to be dramatic for effect.
The truth is, it's wedding marathon time. Nine straight weddings and several senior portrait sessions to take care of, a competitive varsity soccer season to coach and oh yes, that thing we call family :)
It's time management conundrum at it's finest.  However, by the grace of God I will do this.  
The crazy that is happening helps me identify with the brides to be that are sometimes feeling a little overwhelmed as their day approaches. (Ahem, wedding planners alleviate a lot of this!)
But all in all, I try to encourage them to take a step back and remember, you are getting MARRIED! Your guests will come and go, your cake will be devoured, your dress will go back on it's hanger and the food will be consumed, but the marriage...that will continue.
I understand that Pinterest and wedding blogs have put the pressure on some to make it a detailed extravaganza and I admit, I LOVE details.  Details do not make the marriage.  The cake will not promise a lifetime of happiness and your timeline of events will not be celebrated on your 10th year anniversary.  
I love weddings. I do. I love all the energy and crazy and beauty they behold, but I know that comes with stress and a LOT of time planning.  So, I ask you all as your wedding date edges closer to remember... you're in love. You have made the decision to love and you will make that promise in front of some amazing people in your life.  Celebrate that for a moment, because that is the one detail that will love on.  Well, that and your amazing photographs :))))