Friday, March 22, 2013

Upstate NY Photographer: Don't Give Up

I try to find something inspirational every day. Perhaps it's better said, that you can find inspiration when you are looking for it.  This video has been seen by millions, because it invokes such a sense of emotion and stirs something inside us that we tend not to feel very often.
Dreams are possible, faith is necessary, love conquers all....we dig the quotes, but I'm not sure there is true belief in them..until we see something like this happen.
We are reminded of the very beautiful possibilities we have before us.  He didn't win a medal, but he won hearts.  I can't tell who won the Olympic medals that year...but I know Derek Redmond.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Upstate NY Photographer: A Bride Made Me Think...

I limited myself on explaining a few aspects of why we are turning our attention to rustic, chic and country weddings.  The first and foremost reason is because I absolutely adore them and when you combine photography and passion, you can help but produce something filled with excitement and love.
However, the less romantic side of it all comes down to the technical aspects of barn and farmhouse weddings.  Lighting.
A bride came to me this week with an inquiry about her wedding in a nearby barn style venue. Her main question was about the lighting and if I would be able to photograph there. Honestly, I am not used to those kind of questions from brides, so it was cathartic for me to answer her.
Now, I know most venues for receptions and churches offer less than stellar lighting.  The most challenging, by far are the old dark barns and sweet farmhouses that cast very little flattering light.
The romantic wood planks and high wooden archways that enhance the fairytale atmosphere can plummet a photographers ability to capture the enchantment.
I have focused my energy in the past few months to become proficient in photographing at these types of venues. It's necessary.  With venues stretching from Albany, Oneonta, Roxbury, Hudson and Lake George this was something I was noticing not being done very well!
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Nothing should stop you from having the most romantic country wedding ever...just make sure you have a photographer that knows how to showcase it from the camera ;)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Upstate NY Photographer: The Hardest Thing...

Ok, maybe the blog title is a little dramatic. It's not THE hardest thing, but waiting for spring to get testing my endurance of patience. Anyone in the northeast understands March is the crazy month as winter and spring dual it out for position in the weather system. I love following all my photographer friends, but it's killing me as they start to post their images in the rolling hills and sweet sunsets of early spring as I stare at the 6 inches of snow still caressing my property. The plus side? I have been forced to reconcile to organization and planning. Now that I know what is in front of me (kind of) I have more of a purpose and a plan and that feels good. I know I want to focus more on the rustic and chic style of wedding photography. It's where I am from, it's what has made me, I'm a country girl and I do love it. It's easy to express what you love. In doing so, I created a board on PINTREST just for this... check it out here: Rustic, Chic and Country Weddings Feel free to share your ideas~