Monday, September 21, 2015

I, Because.

I realized sometimes I'm quite the complainer, then a dose or perspective hits me and I'm like....ok, I have so much to be thankful for and acknowledge.  We complain about having to work out or about our job or about our family...but those are things we might just have to be the most thankful for...

I work with passion, 
because there are women that live in a place where that opportunity will never be presented.
I choose to be fit, eat well and take care of this body
because there are those who would jump from their wheelchair to run with me.  
I mother with all of my heart, 
because there are those who are childless.
I eat well, because tonight there are those who can only dream of fresh vegetables.
I create art because some never lived long enough to do so.
I give, because I can (and should)
I love Jesus, because there are who who will never know Him and that's what inspires me.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

I was a little bummed this week about it...

Every professional photographer faces it.  Every one trying to earn a living through photographic art nods their head when they hear about it. It's a small part of the industry that is kind of a bummer.

I love wedding and teen/senior portraits.  I seriously get excited with every new inquiry because it's another person to meet with and create with and oh the possibilities!!!

So you can imagine when I get the inquiry, set the date and get ready to roll and then receive the email:
"So sorry, my sister got a nice camera so...."
"My Uncle Bobs takes great pics and he's free so..." (Does everyone have an Uncle Bob??)

Out of the 10 inquiries this week, 3 backed out because they knew someone who "took good pictures." I was bummed.
But I wasn't bummed for the reason you would think.  I was bummed for them. Not myself (ok maybe a little for myself but I get so excited).

Why? Because "taking good pictures" isn't what I am here to do.  I better take amazing images if I'm going to charge money, but I love the experience with working along side people to create images I know can't be done as a hobby.

I don't want a hobby.

I am bummed for them because they are missing out.  Yes, of course they are saving some money, but we spend money on what is valued... (Starbucks vs. Green Mountain anyone?).  I am bummed because they will miss out on the awesome hair and make up crew we have.  They will miss out on the TONS of laughter and the behind the scenes bloopers.  They will miss out on creating a memory and enhancing these images to go above and beyond a "good picture".  They will miss out on art and wall portraits and amazing albums.

I know beautiful portraiture isn't for everyone, that's why we have created a business that caters to those who truly define art and photography as one and KNOW they are investing in a memory whether it's weddings or seniors or whatever!

So, bummer.  But alas, I have an exciting fall to produce all sorts of amazing images for these clients that have taken the plunge and have trusted me with this moment.  I am not bummed for them, heck no.  I am way too excited!!!