Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Upstate NY Photographer -Bridal Fitness

So, here it goes. You have your wedding date and you have your eye on the dress or perhaps you already have the dress! However, you have made it a goal to lose a little weight or tone up a bit before the big day approaches.  That is a very common goal for most brides (ahem and photographers). 

Personal: On the personal side of this ( I am a girl after all), I understand the desire to look your best on your wedding day.  Being fit is something I strive for on a daily basis and I will let you in on a little secret..weight can be a struggle for me. I purposefully adhere to workouts and everyone who knows me knows I can pound nachos! (Like a boss, I might add). I encourage you to be fit, not only for your wedding, but for life.

 Please remember, you were proposed to because you are loved  and because someone is IN love with you, not because of what size you are or how toned your arms look.  Strive to be healthier because it's good for you and not for anything more.  You are already beautiful and you are getting MARRIED!!!!

Professionally: I found this article if you are interested in a more in depth look to staying on track toward your fitness goals.

He already loves you :)
Point of inspiration:

Friday, January 25, 2013

Upstate NY Photographer: Inspiration Friday

It's always amazing and exciting to me to find something inspiring.  We are often surrounded by heartache and hurt and sometimes we just need a little positive reminder to make us smile...or at least half smile.
I am surrounded and integrated by artistic, creative and passionate people. I want to tap into that more to produce work that mirrors those very attributes.  I am thankful I have an open portal to that world of creativity, though sometimes I wish my logical side and right brain would kick in a little more.  (Andrew is working on long division in school... need I say more?)

However, I also love the idea of inspiring and encouraging others.  So, I thought every Friday I will try and post something that I found inspiring, creatively electric or just perhaps unique.  If you see anything out there yourself...feel free to share with me and we can blog it! (It doesn't have to be related to photography).

Inspiration point of the week... I had someone ( I won't mention who because I don't want to embarrass) say this: " would always tell me a good story....So, I thank you, one, for teaching me to love to listen to stories, two, for having a great pen  in writing...." -

Childhood memory? Yes. I might have had grand ideas of writing America's next best novel in which The Notebook would dull in comparison. (hey, let a girl dream).

If you haven't seen this: I suggest you take a few inspired....and then get on with your Friday already :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Upstate NY Photographer: NY Rustic Barn Venues

The Inn at West Settlement In Roxbury

I found a gem in the world of blogging!  I came across the HVgreen blog after photographing in some amazing local venues catering to our vintage and rustic weddings.  I might swoon a little with a bride and all her pretty girls in front of a barn or in the rolling fields of upstate NY.

As I was checking out venues to recommend to brides I hit on HVgreen and her post regarding NY state barn weddings!  Please check out her post here or in the previous links and if you know of any more venues that feature these beautiful and historic structures let us know.

So, go treat yourself.

Thanks Liz for sharing your findings. Awesome.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Upstate NY Wedding Photographer: The First Look

 "The First Look" What is it and is it for you?

Professionally: There is no right or wrong way to develop this moment.  The first look is a small, sweet time set aside for the bride and groom to see each other for the first time before the actual ceremony takes place.  This can be a private moment or a moment shared with the bridal party and immediate family.

I have had very traditional brides and non-traditional brides opt for this moment and all of the emotion it still carries. 

Personally: I enjoy the first look immensely. I don't pull or push in either direction for it, as it's always up to the bride and groom. It's about them, not myself.  The images from those moments are some of the most touching memories I have had the honor of being a part of.  Here are a couple first looks from 2012 as well as some insights from one of the brides.

"The first look ceremony was exactly what my now husband and I needed! Being the emotional sap I am ANYWAY, I couldn't even imagine Seeing my guy for the first time in front of all our guests knowing I would be a sobbing mess! It was such a special moment for the both of us, just for us to share before the celebration really began with all our family and friends. Plus, I got the chance to "get myself together" right before the ceremony. And after all, isn't that what ultimately it's about? That special bond between you and your soul mate when you are alone with the person your head over heels in love with?
 I would highly recommend it to other brides. It doesn't at all take away from the moment you walk down he aisle. It just makes it that much more special!" - Patricia (Bride)
The moment he sees her
A small gift for his princess
A little moment in time

The beginning for Patricia and Walter...
 This wedding involved the bridal party. The bride, Heather was presented to her groom who waited for her on the side walk.  Everyone eagerly anticipated the moment as she walked out of the house. When she was ready, her groom turned to see her.  The cheers and tears even gave me goosebumps.
Heather's thoughts on The First Look: 
"First of all, I would recommend it to anyone! It was totally non-traditional but was such a special moment for us. Not only did it free up tons of time after the ceremony (when people normally do pics, I think?!) but it was such an intimate time for us, our best friends and  family. (The pictures are pretty awesome too!)
At the time and leading up to the first look, I was nervous and I think Eric was too It was excited-nervous, though. We were ready! I felt more relaxed walking down the aisle because of the first look, giving me a chance to focus on our beautiful surroundings (and my bawling Dad) rather than my nervousness.
Amber, you were crucial in organizing the first look and helping it go smoothly, so thank you."