Friday, January 25, 2013

Upstate NY Photographer: Inspiration Friday

It's always amazing and exciting to me to find something inspiring.  We are often surrounded by heartache and hurt and sometimes we just need a little positive reminder to make us smile...or at least half smile.
I am surrounded and integrated by artistic, creative and passionate people. I want to tap into that more to produce work that mirrors those very attributes.  I am thankful I have an open portal to that world of creativity, though sometimes I wish my logical side and right brain would kick in a little more.  (Andrew is working on long division in school... need I say more?)

However, I also love the idea of inspiring and encouraging others.  So, I thought every Friday I will try and post something that I found inspiring, creatively electric or just perhaps unique.  If you see anything out there yourself...feel free to share with me and we can blog it! (It doesn't have to be related to photography).

Inspiration point of the week... I had someone ( I won't mention who because I don't want to embarrass) say this: " would always tell me a good story....So, I thank you, one, for teaching me to love to listen to stories, two, for having a great pen  in writing...." -

Childhood memory? Yes. I might have had grand ideas of writing America's next best novel in which The Notebook would dull in comparison. (hey, let a girl dream).

If you haven't seen this: I suggest you take a few inspired....and then get on with your Friday already :)

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