Monday, January 27, 2014

Upstate NY Photographer: Crockpots Saved My Business

I joke that crockpots save lives, they save marriages and now...they save businesses. 
I'm not kidding.
Live saver.

If you have had a baby you tend to agree that the "witching hour" of all infants happens between 4-7 pm. It's like a switch comes on and mayhem ensues.  Those hours still seem the busiest of the day, even though I don't have a cranky baby anymore. (phew).

Enter: my crockpot.

She's quiet and unassuming, but she saves lives and businesses in a slow and steady 8 hour period. 

I do search out various recipes and I do believe just about anything can be made in a crockpot. Pinterest, betty crocker who cares, there are a million recipes out there and many can be frozen and taken out on a whim. 

Therefore as late afternoon approaches and I'm still editing weddings and packaging products I only have to endure the brilliant aroma pulsating through the studio as my crockpot pumps out life for dinner. 

Perhaps my relationship with my cooking appliance is a little intense, but at dinner time, when the world is going crazy, I hear music and the gentle placing of plates on my dinner record timing. 

I made a cream of ham soup the other day. My friends LOVED it!
3 Ingredients:
1 honey ham (squeeze that thing right into a crockpot)
take out half (if its a huge ham and freeze the remaining for another batch)
leave half of the juice and add 
1 Can cream of chicken soup
Then add milk until you get the consistency you want. I added one full can of milk. 
Yes. That simple. You can even add potatoes if you want to go crazy with four ingredients.
Therefore, while dinner is simmering, I'm creating:

Monday, January 20, 2014

Upstate NY Photographer: The One Thing I Dislike To See....

The one think I hate to see is a stressed out, miserable "wishing I eloped" bride weeks before her wedding.  ugh!
There is no magic formula, there IS a certain amount of stress that comes along with planning an event for a couple of hundred people on top of the fact that you are emotionally challenged with all of the excitement and nerves that come with marrying your sweetheart.

Enter Kelly.  I was the lucky photographer who photographed Kelly and Dimitri's wedding last summer at the Inn at West Settlement In Roxbury, NY. (  Something immediately stood out with Kelly.  She was laid back, organized and her wedding details were remarkably unique.  Her bohemian style catered to the couples' creative and artistic side without straying from their individuality for the sake of pulling off a great wedding.

Kelly fell in love with planning her wedding and after a little encouragement is offering her planning services to brides. 

That's right, a wedding planner in the making and may I say, a crazy good one at that. 

I am fully behind brides finding someone to take the reigns of their wedding day or at least share them.  Honestly, how many of us are truly equipped to plan a party for an average of 150 people, complete with invitations, catering, music, place settings, favors, photographers, travel accommodations and the list goes on and on. 

My point is this: your wedding day has one million details to adhere to and sometimes the focus of the getting married part starts to blur.  I love the idea of a bride being able to go out for a cup of coffee with her maid of honor while her wedding planner is addressing and mailing invitations, browsing stores for ideas and recommending florists.  I breathe lighter even thinking about it!

Kelly, though she is stationed in Manhattan is fully equipped to take care of your upstate NY wedding.  Just give her a try. You will see. 

Additionally, I believe in her SO much that the first bride to contact me about her services, gets her for free. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Upstate NY Wedding Venue: Have You Heard About Them Yet?

I was sitting across from one of my fall brides during our first consultation and she was excitedly telling me the details of her 2014 fall wedding.
It was her vivid and obvious love for the venue that peaked my curiosity. "You will just love it, I can't wait to go back"
I decided to check it out for myself.  I needed to see it before the wedding anyway so I could see where and what I would be dealing with photography-wise.

Good first impression: 1. Quick response time to my email regarding the inquiry to come see their place.
2. Punctuality. Deanna (their event planner) was ready and waiting when I arrived.
3. Personality: Every single person you meet is friendly, knowledgeable and ready to make sure Sixty State Place is a place to remember.
4. Personal touch.  Melissa ( you'll meet her) had her hands and brain in all your visual enticements throughout the entire place. She found a way to bring her personal love of detail to life.
4a. As a photographer, this place has tons of texture, lighting and backgrounds to enhance the best of the best in wedding photography.
5. The venue: Needs no words...this is where I use images. Enjoy the renovations to this luxurious bank turned stellar wedding/event venue.

The ceiling goes forever and has so much original detail

authentic and original

details, details

crisp, clean and modern

visually enticing ballroom

warmly lit rooms off the main room give guests tons of comfort choices

this room is ideal for a bridal suite. LOVE IT

did I mention details?
Everything to love about this room
Heading downstairs to MORE rooms and amenities
Yes, they DID ! . How crazy cool is this?
Crushed glass for your bar area (I die!) in your glory please!
DJ's... everything can be hooked up via USB!
Even the bathroom floors have detail! Pressed pennies!!!
Oh yes...those are deposit boxes with some swag

Down the hall to the bridal suite

So come see for yourself. :)
If you are looking for a venue, look no more. For more information feel free to visit their site at