Sunday, January 12, 2014

Upstate NY Wedding Venue: Have You Heard About Them Yet?

I was sitting across from one of my fall brides during our first consultation and she was excitedly telling me the details of her 2014 fall wedding.
It was her vivid and obvious love for the venue that peaked my curiosity. "You will just love it, I can't wait to go back"
I decided to check it out for myself.  I needed to see it before the wedding anyway so I could see where and what I would be dealing with photography-wise.

Good first impression: 1. Quick response time to my email regarding the inquiry to come see their place.
2. Punctuality. Deanna (their event planner) was ready and waiting when I arrived.
3. Personality: Every single person you meet is friendly, knowledgeable and ready to make sure Sixty State Place is a place to remember.
4. Personal touch.  Melissa ( you'll meet her) had her hands and brain in all your visual enticements throughout the entire place. She found a way to bring her personal love of detail to life.
4a. As a photographer, this place has tons of texture, lighting and backgrounds to enhance the best of the best in wedding photography.
5. The venue: Needs no words...this is where I use images. Enjoy the renovations to this luxurious bank turned stellar wedding/event venue.

The ceiling goes forever and has so much original detail

authentic and original

details, details

crisp, clean and modern

visually enticing ballroom

warmly lit rooms off the main room give guests tons of comfort choices

this room is ideal for a bridal suite. LOVE IT

did I mention details?
Everything to love about this room
Heading downstairs to MORE rooms and amenities
Yes, they DID ! . How crazy cool is this?
Crushed glass for your bar area (I die!) in your glory please!
DJ's... everything can be hooked up via USB!
Even the bathroom floors have detail! Pressed pennies!!!
Oh yes...those are deposit boxes with some swag

Down the hall to the bridal suite

So come see for yourself. :)
If you are looking for a venue, look no more. For more information feel free to visit their site at

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