Monday, January 27, 2014

Upstate NY Photographer: Crockpots Saved My Business

I joke that crockpots save lives, they save marriages and now...they save businesses. 
I'm not kidding.
Live saver.

If you have had a baby you tend to agree that the "witching hour" of all infants happens between 4-7 pm. It's like a switch comes on and mayhem ensues.  Those hours still seem the busiest of the day, even though I don't have a cranky baby anymore. (phew).

Enter: my crockpot.

She's quiet and unassuming, but she saves lives and businesses in a slow and steady 8 hour period. 

I do search out various recipes and I do believe just about anything can be made in a crockpot. Pinterest, betty crocker who cares, there are a million recipes out there and many can be frozen and taken out on a whim. 

Therefore as late afternoon approaches and I'm still editing weddings and packaging products I only have to endure the brilliant aroma pulsating through the studio as my crockpot pumps out life for dinner. 

Perhaps my relationship with my cooking appliance is a little intense, but at dinner time, when the world is going crazy, I hear music and the gentle placing of plates on my dinner record timing. 

I made a cream of ham soup the other day. My friends LOVED it!
3 Ingredients:
1 honey ham (squeeze that thing right into a crockpot)
take out half (if its a huge ham and freeze the remaining for another batch)
leave half of the juice and add 
1 Can cream of chicken soup
Then add milk until you get the consistency you want. I added one full can of milk. 
Yes. That simple. You can even add potatoes if you want to go crazy with four ingredients.
Therefore, while dinner is simmering, I'm creating:

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