Monday, December 31, 2012

Upstate NY Photographer: Wrappin it up!

At the end of every year I think you look back and think..."wow! an entire year has gone by!"  Time flies and stands still all in the same moments sometimes.  There is a lot to look back on and reflect when you have come to the end of something.

Professionally:  I have been blessed.  I look back over the past 12 months and I don't look at what I have done, but rather WHO is in my life.  I have met some amazing photographers, clients and vendors all of whom I now consider friends.  It's rare a business can offer such extravagance in which as you build your business you enrich your life.  I love the brides I have worked with and still keep in touch with, I have enjoyed meeting people on the same path as myself and I am always touched by the friends and family who have encouraged me along the way. Yes, 2012 has been amazing.

Personally: This year I strive for a few things. I don't make resolutions, but that's a whole new post saved for my personal blog. I do look to change a few things.  This has nothing to do with photography as it does with life. Forgiveness and kindness. Two words that sound beautiful, but are difficult to adhere too.  People come in and out of life for reason. Even today, I can sit here and admit hurt feelings by someone and eternal gratitude towards others.  But it's time to let things go.  The beauty of art is self expression. Sometimes its obvious to others, sometimes only the artists knows.  Despite all that has gone in 2012, good and bad, those two words will compliment the journey that is 2013.  My work and my life will hopefully express my heart and all of it's good intentions in creating something magical :)
Inspiration point: 

Inspiration point 2 :  To be content with what I have been blessed with and to wisely seek after my goals and desires for 2013.

God bless you in the New Year!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Upstate NY Photographer - What Is A Day After Shoot?

The day after shoot. I have had the pleasure of shooting a few of these this past summer and all I can say is wow! It was a total pleasure, it was creatively inspiring and the couples found images that fully represented what they were looking for in their wedding photography.

Professionally: The day after shoot takes place a day or several days after the wedding depending on the couple's schedule and preference.  Many times a couple does not leave immediately for their honeymoon.  The day following the wedding is a day of relaxation and decompression and can allow for a more informal time to capture wedding images. It can be a more intimate and stress free option.

Personally: I have fallen in love with this aspect of wedding photography.  It is not for everyone and it won't fit every couples ideals and scheduling.  However, it is a fantastic time to shoot in a more relaxed environment, one where no guests are waiting for you to arrive, your emotions have settled down and you get to enjoy the moment for what it really is, a celebration of two people in love. After all, that is what photographing is all about, capturing a love story.

I will let the images speak for themselves.

Check out Alyssa's day after shoot here:

We were able to travel about +Bear Mountain Inn's beautiful mountain to shoot the day after a beautiful wedding at +West Point - The U.S. Military Academy Thayer's Resort and Hotel. 

Also, please enjoy Heather and Eric's day after shoot following their wedding at the Inn at West Settlement in Roxbury, NY. 
Check out the full post here

 For Heather and Eric we traveled back to Margaretville, NY where Heather grew up.  We went to her parent's house and wandered all over their back property where she played as a child. It was the perfect setting for a little girl all grown up with her prince. :)

Enjoy! Any questions? You can always shoot me an email at

Friday, December 14, 2012

Upstate NY Photographer: Life and Photography And Mercer Mayer

Small little fact. I love Mercer Mayer's books. I have a stack of them in my studio and find that those little critters can teach a lot of lessons.  So I decided to adapt them a little bit to what is going on behind the scenes as wedding season has wound down a little and I am preparing for 2013.

"Sometimes things just aren't fair..."
It's the first line of the book. Do I even need to go further?

Professionally:  Sometimes things aren't fair.  In a profession like photography I work with all sorts of people. Sometimes people get jobs that I really wanted to take on. Sometimes I work really, really hard at something and no one seems to really appreciate it. Sometimes, it just so doesn't go my way. Go figure. It happens to all of us. It happens to everyone.  The reaction to the problem is what will make me better at what I do. I'm ok with that. Are you?

Personally: "That's not fair!" Sometimes I go kicking and screaming into something I don't want to do. I had a good friend tell me to write a mission statement about the kind of photography I wanted to take on and why.  Why? because I was taking on jobs I knew I didn't really want to do because I felt I could do it all. I can't. (gasp!)  Sometimes, I can look at things with a "not fair" attitude and realize it's so self defeating! Not fair SHE has the kind of camera, Not fair HE gets that wedding..on it can go.  Missions statement is in the works.  I'm glad sometimes life isn't fair. It forces us in a direction we, perhaps would not have chosen otherwise :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Upstate NY Photographer: I Might Want A Little Snow...

I haven't done any family shoots or senior shoots in the snow.  There has been several requests recently, so this NY chica might actually be hoping for a quiet, gentle snow.  No blustery cold stuff. I want the romantic, light and fluffy kind which quiets the world and leaves your thoughts as the loudest entity to be heard. I can fall in love with that kind of snow.

Professionally: I am hoping it snows! I would like to get a few of these shots done because it certainly dances with my creativity and gives me something new to focus on through the winter.   I wanted to conjure up some ideas for families and anyone else toying with the idea of doing a family shoot in the snow.  I researched some inspiration points and I hope you will take the time to look at them and perhaps be as excited as I am. Just think -cute hats and scarves, mittens and boots and snowmen!

I think this one could actually be done in Middleburgh, on Main Street. The lights and streets are similar. Image

I thought the easiest way to share some ideas was on Pinterest: so here is the link onto the board.

This ended up being our Christmas card a few years ago. Just playing outside and of course, I turned it into a photo session. Poor kiddos. 

Personally:  The main reason I am attracted to this idea is because it's different. Most people don't have their family photographs done in the snow. I like different. I like challenging and I like it when I get to embrace all those things. Winter seems to be a quiet, retrospective time. I know it's busy, life is always busy. But somehow the early darkness, the wintery nights almost force me to settle in and focus. I had told a friend in conversation. " I want time to be bored."  I like that idea. Nothing better to do than wish for something to do.  I actually think those are healthy words.  Perhaps, a little time to be bored is coming my way...I keep waiting for the weatherman to tell me when :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Upstate NY Photographer: Shen and Shaker Students On My Heart

This post is probably more personal than professional, but as a photographer, I think it's seriously difficult to separate the two.  One makes the other.  A few days ago, students from two nearby high schools were killed in an auto accident, two others severely injured. 

Personally: Today is my son's 10th birthday. Ironic as I watch the news this morning and wonder "what did their children look like at 10?" They would have never guessed they had less than 7 more years together with them.  So, today I will be taking things more slowly, embracing the messy toys, the toothpaste all over the sink, the half eaten breakfast and yes, even the angry birds that were placed on top of my Christmas Village scene.  I will love those aspects of today with gratitude and thank God for my children.

Professionally: With the invention of the iphone and all things instagram, you hardly have to encourage parents to take photos of their children. Today, my challenge to you, is to photograph your child..if you can or perhaps just anyone in your life.  Photograph them today in a moment of nothing. What does that mean? Just find them in their very own time and place, something they do on any ordinary day.  These kind if photographs are the ones I cherish most.  You never know when those moments, will be gone. Here are a few...caught in the moments :) Next challenge...actually print it.