Friday, December 7, 2012

Upstate NY Photographer: I Might Want A Little Snow...

I haven't done any family shoots or senior shoots in the snow.  There has been several requests recently, so this NY chica might actually be hoping for a quiet, gentle snow.  No blustery cold stuff. I want the romantic, light and fluffy kind which quiets the world and leaves your thoughts as the loudest entity to be heard. I can fall in love with that kind of snow.

Professionally: I am hoping it snows! I would like to get a few of these shots done because it certainly dances with my creativity and gives me something new to focus on through the winter.   I wanted to conjure up some ideas for families and anyone else toying with the idea of doing a family shoot in the snow.  I researched some inspiration points and I hope you will take the time to look at them and perhaps be as excited as I am. Just think -cute hats and scarves, mittens and boots and snowmen!

I think this one could actually be done in Middleburgh, on Main Street. The lights and streets are similar. Image

I thought the easiest way to share some ideas was on Pinterest: so here is the link onto the board.

This ended up being our Christmas card a few years ago. Just playing outside and of course, I turned it into a photo session. Poor kiddos. 

Personally:  The main reason I am attracted to this idea is because it's different. Most people don't have their family photographs done in the snow. I like different. I like challenging and I like it when I get to embrace all those things. Winter seems to be a quiet, retrospective time. I know it's busy, life is always busy. But somehow the early darkness, the wintery nights almost force me to settle in and focus. I had told a friend in conversation. " I want time to be bored."  I like that idea. Nothing better to do than wish for something to do.  I actually think those are healthy words.  Perhaps, a little time to be bored is coming my way...I keep waiting for the weatherman to tell me when :)
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