Thursday, December 20, 2012

Upstate NY Photographer - What Is A Day After Shoot?

The day after shoot. I have had the pleasure of shooting a few of these this past summer and all I can say is wow! It was a total pleasure, it was creatively inspiring and the couples found images that fully represented what they were looking for in their wedding photography.

Professionally: The day after shoot takes place a day or several days after the wedding depending on the couple's schedule and preference.  Many times a couple does not leave immediately for their honeymoon.  The day following the wedding is a day of relaxation and decompression and can allow for a more informal time to capture wedding images. It can be a more intimate and stress free option.

Personally: I have fallen in love with this aspect of wedding photography.  It is not for everyone and it won't fit every couples ideals and scheduling.  However, it is a fantastic time to shoot in a more relaxed environment, one where no guests are waiting for you to arrive, your emotions have settled down and you get to enjoy the moment for what it really is, a celebration of two people in love. After all, that is what photographing is all about, capturing a love story.

I will let the images speak for themselves.

Check out Alyssa's day after shoot here:

We were able to travel about +Bear Mountain Inn's beautiful mountain to shoot the day after a beautiful wedding at +West Point - The U.S. Military Academy Thayer's Resort and Hotel. 

Also, please enjoy Heather and Eric's day after shoot following their wedding at the Inn at West Settlement in Roxbury, NY. 
Check out the full post here

 For Heather and Eric we traveled back to Margaretville, NY where Heather grew up.  We went to her parent's house and wandered all over their back property where she played as a child. It was the perfect setting for a little girl all grown up with her prince. :)

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