Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Upstate NY Photographer: Shen and Shaker Students On My Heart

This post is probably more personal than professional, but as a photographer, I think it's seriously difficult to separate the two.  One makes the other.  A few days ago, students from two nearby high schools were killed in an auto accident, two others severely injured. 

Personally: Today is my son's 10th birthday. Ironic as I watch the news this morning and wonder "what did their children look like at 10?" They would have never guessed they had less than 7 more years together with them.  So, today I will be taking things more slowly, embracing the messy toys, the toothpaste all over the sink, the half eaten breakfast and yes, even the angry birds that were placed on top of my Christmas Village scene.  I will love those aspects of today with gratitude and thank God for my children.

Professionally: With the invention of the iphone and all things instagram, you hardly have to encourage parents to take photos of their children. Today, my challenge to you, is to photograph your child..if you can or perhaps just anyone in your life.  Photograph them today in a moment of nothing. What does that mean? Just find them in their very own time and place, something they do on any ordinary day.  These kind if photographs are the ones I cherish most.  You never know when those moments, will be gone. Here are a few...caught in the moments :) Next challenge...actually print it.

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