Thursday, April 10, 2014

Upstate NY Wedding Photographer: Grandma Flower Girls

I wish this was my idea. It wasn't.  However, when I saw this image on the Huffington Post I just about melted in a million ways. Grandma flower girls.

*Though not everyone will have grandparents alive and well at their wedding, it's a beautiful option if they are.  Grandmas as flower girls or even a dear friend or elderly aunt.  It's precious for so many reasons!!!
*They have lived life.  They probably have been married and have ages of wisdom in those precious wrinkles.
*They love you, so very much.  They have seen hard times and good times and have probably loved and lost love.
* They understand the sincerity of your wedding vows and when they smile at you it's years worth of knowledge reflecting in their eyes.
*For a moment, you have given them a chance to be youthful and fun as they toss pedals or simply walk toward you in this time you have allotted just for them.
It's not tradition, it's not possible for everyone.  It's just something that tugged at my heart and I thought....if only I had thought of that.

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