Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Elite 8 Child Model Reps Wanted :)

As we grow and expand we listen to what people would like to do and see and we aim to make it happen.
As our Epic Teens and Styled Senior Portrait Business Grows we KNOW there are some amazing children out there with rockin' families!

So, we will be launching our Elite 8 program.

Who: For kids ages 6-11.

What: A model rep program that allows kids to delve into the world of photography, fashion and new experiences.

When: Our first meeting will be held at our Studio on #341 Main Street, Tues Aug 25 at 7 pm.  Our second meeting will take place Tuesday Sept 1 at Prof. Javas in Albany at 7 pm.

These meeting we will explain how the program works, what is involved and how we can design some awesome sessions with your child!

This program also lends the opportunity for unique family photos before the Christmas season.  The Elite 8 will be given  various opportunities to work in front of the camera as well as earn family sessions and did I mention have TONS OF FUN!!?

So, if you are interested please click HERE!
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