Thursday, November 17, 2011

Saving Something For A Rainy Day?

Sierra Hillis and Stephanie Tompkins have joined forces to create a fresh, creative and unique style to items they love the most.
Sierra said the idea came when she was pregnant and she desired to save money on baby goods.  Though she loved the items she found such as a baby sling and a car seat cover, she didn't have the money to pay big prices on designer items.  It began with designing a sling, then a tote and then a car seat cover.  When she wanted to come up with a unique shower gift she designed a PottiPak and Designer Wipes Case bundle for a gift and that is when the business began to explode.
Stephanie joined her friend with her ability to crochet and the business was born.
RainyDay Originals is about personality and style; YOUR personality and style, something the nearest chain retailer can't provide.
This new business provided individually designed items that are handmade at a reasonable price. The future website can be found at
Please check them out as they provide fantastic tote bags, booties, baby shoes and the cutest of hats.
The business is inspired by Sierra and Stephanie's children and encouraged by those who buy their products and fall in love.
They can also be found on facebook and are located in and near Hobart, NY!

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