Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wedding Cakes and other Yummy Art, yes please.

It's Art, but it's Edible!
Not only to we enjoy art, but when it tastes good too...well that is a surefire winner.
Stacy Skog has always enjoyed the culinary arts when baking the occasional birthday cake for family and friends.  Her small time endeavors began to grow as people started to fall in love with her designs and personal touch in everything she made. Delightful Designs was born and Stacy found her niche in a creative business industry.
Each cake, cook or dessert is made with a specific person in my mind and Stacy makes sure she takes time to get to know every client so their personality is translated into a unique and personal product.
Stacy's cakes have graced many weddings and birthday parties as well as office parties and anniversary.  The fabulous cake designer said it takes a great deal of time and effort, but for her, it takes love, passion and a vision. THAT is art!!! She is willing to work with you to design a cake that compliments your vision whether you are looking for a simple classic design or something trendy and fun.
All of the products are homemade to order and deliver where available.
Stacy's inspiration is found in a theme for a party, color scheme or even a wedding gown or invitation. Clients will find Stacy designs to meet with them and find out their dreams for an event and the client, becomes the greatest inspiration of them all.
Stacy an be contacted at 607-435-0742 or at Delightful.Designs@hotmailcom. She is located in Oneonta, NY.
Find her on facebook and book her soon!!!!!
Not to mention, we have worked with Stacy personally and her smile and her service are just as amazing as her cakes!!!

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