Thursday, October 13, 2011

Windham Lodges Provides Top Notch Service

In November 2006, Jefferson Central School graduates and brothers Adam and Aaron Miller opened the doors to the beautiful Catskill Lodge in Windham, NY.
The brothers invested and designed a lodge geared to mirror the charm of an old 1863 Queen Ann Victorian, but with all the modern amenities of a house built in 2011.
Bathrooms and kitchens are classy, but fresh and each room is complete with an ipod docking station, cable television and a dvd player complete with a DVD library with 200 movies to choose from.
Clients choose Catskill Lodging for many reasons and they keep coming back for more due to it's competitive pricing and the great strides Adam and Aaron take to keep guests happy!!!
The Catskill Lodges are located right in Windham so check them out!! They are a fantastic choice for bridal parties, out of town guests or a honeymoon celebration.
Phone: (518)261-7150

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