Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Who Doesn't Love A Tutu??

As a photographer I started noticing the popularity of Tutus for young girls. It's not just Tutus, it's hairpieces and creativity invested in making the perfect outfit...and little girls LOVE them!
It didn't take long for almost nine-year-old Lila Shafer to fall in love with tutus and begin designing her own.
Lila picked apart everything from tutus to jewelry and hair pieces to learn how these items were made and how she could do it better. Her mother, Jenn watched her daughter's interest grow and together they came up with the name Lulu Tutus for a business venture they both wanted to invest in. Lulu has been Lila's nickname since she was born and now it has branded her new-found business.
Who doesn't love a tutu? They can be made in all shapes, sizes and colors and used for flower girl dresses, newborn photo shoots and children photo shoots as well. No two are exactly alike!
The small company is located in Hobart, NY with help from Lila's dad, brother and sister who pitch in when orders get a little big. For your text tutu order please contact Lila!!!
Our e-mail is Website coming soon. Facebook page, Lulu's Tutus.

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