Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Every Wedding Is Different, Stop Comparing

Comparison. The great destruction of confidence, love and security.   It's not just for weddings, it's life.  The invention of Facebook gave us a front row seat to the art and destruction of comparison.  We may not even realize we do it sometimes, but stop and listen, I bet we all do it more that we think we do.

For you beautiful wedding couples about to get married this year.  Stop comparing.  Your wedding is special because it's yours.  That may sound cliche, but it's true.

This will not be a drawn out lengthy post about wedding day do's and don't, but I want to pass along this beautiful piece of advice from someone I was talking to this week.  She is someone who has spoken into my life more than she probably realizes!

"I always want to see couples spend more time getting ready for their marriage than getting ready for their wedding day.  The wedding day is gone in just one day, the marriage is what they have left"

Spend some fun time together in the month leading up to your wedding where you aren't really focused on the wedding planning.  Just enjoy each other for a few moments before you starting combing through the guest list once again :)

Amber and Shelly

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