Wednesday, January 13, 2016

21 Amazing Reasons To Come Visit For Your Portraits and Weddings {Featuring Photographer Caleb Jacobus}

There is a reason Upstate NY is one of the most beautiful destinations for weddings and portrait work. This year alone we have had the chance to work with couples from India, England, Paris, NYC and California who have traveled here to get married or be photographed with their family. Of course we have many local clients who know when they have a good thing!
When you own your own business, you can go anywhere. It's freeing and terrifying all at the same time. However, when I saw the work of Caleb Jacobus, I realized he was telling the story I so wanted people to hear and know. Instead of writing out all the reasons Upstate NY, Schoharie County and quaint little Middleburgh feature some of the best locations EVER,  I thought I would let Caleb show in you in some of his work. Of course, there are many more reasons and I will probably stalk him again to feature more work. For now, enjoy the very reasons I live and work right here and why you should probably come here too.

oh hey....there's my studio :)

Need I say more?
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