Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sunsets and Weddings: Here's How To Find Your Sunset On Your Wedding Day

Doesn't Pinterest make it look amazing? Those beautiful sunsets? That crazy amazing shot of a lifetime?

Well, it IS possible, but it helps to know when the sun will actually set on your wedding day.
I found this awesome link to help you plan: Sunset Graph
Plug in your wedding date and find out what time the sun will drop on your big day.

A few other things to consider:

Your Venue:  Ask your coordinator where the sun sets in regards to the landscape itself.  Some venues may have a mountain or two in the way, so your sunset may be a little earlier than predicted.

Location:  Your venue may be set in a location where you have to walk or drive a bit to get the "the spot".  When you walk around your location, ask where the best place for sunset pictures may be.

Timing: Timing is everything.  Do you want a first look or family pictures at a certain time?  Sunsets are tricky because they come and go quickly.  Allow yourself more time than you think you need (at least a half hour).

Ceremony: I have had couples who wanted their ceremony AT sunset.  It does make for some beautiful ceremony images, but then it is gone.  The sun will be set following your ceremony, so if you want pictures taken afterwards you will have to do without those golden rays.

Photographer: Work with your photographer prior to your wedding day.  This can be an amazing opportunity to create a show stopping wedding image, but poor planning can nix the entire idea.

Weather: The one thing out of your control is weather.  Some of the most beautiful images we have are on rainy wedding days.  It may be the last thing you want, but it won't ruin your wedding day.  It may even enhance it.

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