Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Three beautiful women in my life: Ardith, Marie and Ms. Emmalyn

When I attend something that is not work related I gladly leave my camera behind.   That's kind of lame.  This Thanksgiving I grabbed my camera on the way out the door because I have two precious people in my life that most people never get to claim. 
Both of my grandmothers (My kid's great grandmother's) are alive and well.  Isn't that amazing? Andrew 13 and Austin 9, will have distinct memories of not only their grandparents, but their great grandmother's.  I know that is precious and I know that it is rare.  How dare I not capture them whenever I can?
This Thanksgiving was also fun, because my brother and his wife had a baby girl! We all fight for her attention.  I couldn't help but include her in most of these!
So here are these beautiful women who have survived a lifetime of ups and downs. I wonder what they think when the look at the generations they are responsible for in this life?  

Now for the record, these pictures were accidentally watermarked when I exported them...I don't watermark my own family photos :) haha. 
Yes these images will be precious and because they are so precious they will be printed.  I have small, but furious passion for printing your images...more on that to come. 
For now, how beautiful are all three of these women??? 
Ardith, my grandmother on my mom's side

 Marie, my grandmother on my dad's side.
 the cutest darn baby you ever did see... Emmalyn
 and another...

 three great grandchildren!!

Ok one more of emmalyn :)

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