Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Your Bridal Make Up Questions Answered! - Thanks Jo Boring!

Make up artists and fabulous person Jo Boring recently helped me answer some questions I had received from a bride in regard to her wedding day make up.  I loved her response and used it to fill the post to the brim with awesome!
If you have any other questions feel free to post them and I will make sure we find those answers!!

Should wedding makeup be thicker and darker than everyday?

This is a fine line. You want to feel like yourself but it is true that wearing a bit more in the right places helps give you the coveted "flawless" look and helps define your features in pictures. Most people use a full-coverage foundation on their wedding day and a setting powder. That might be a lot more than you are used to but applied the right way it does not have to feel cakey or heavy....but it is heavy duty coverage that will help eliminate redness, blemishes etc. and make your skin look perfect:) In terms of darker, this doesn't mean wear darker colors. It means use makeup to help define features you want to pop in pictures and in person. Eyeliner, mascara (even fake lashes) can help define your eyes. You can use eye shadow to contour and shadow strategically to make your eyes look big. Lipliner can help give  lipstick or lipgloss a defined look and a base to stick to. These are just a few examples of things that every woman might not wear every day - but are often used in bridal makeup even to achieve a "natural" look. It's good to amp it up a bit as long as you still feel like you:)

Can a bride wear foundation with SPF:

In general I am careful about using SPF foundations for special events with photography because of the whitening effect they can have. However I have found exceptions to the rule as well. Try out your foundation beforehand and take some pics. A drugstore brand that is full coverage and fine in photos in my opinion is Revlon Colorstay. Of course, there are a million foundations ranging in price - you have to find one you like.

What if I sweat?

Be sure to use a powder to set your foundation. After you are all done you can also use a setting spray such as "Model in a Bottle" to lock it all in place. I use this setting spray on ALL my brides not to mention at dance makeup never moves!

Anyone can feel free to contact me via my facebook page "Saving Face" with any makeup questions! Happy wedding!
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