Sunday, March 2, 2014

Upstate NY Wedding Photographer: Are Rustic Barn Weddings Just A Trend?

Trends come and go and change faster than ever.  So is it possible the beautiful barns and rustic venues that are the hot spot of the wedding industry right now will eventually become abandoned ideas of weddings from the past?

Some of my couples who are getting married in these types of venues have said “well it’s certainly trending right now”.  Yes, it’s true, rustic, chic weddings are all current and key words in today’s wedding world, but I would say, it's not just a trend.

Heck no, Rustic Weddings Will Never Go:
 Rustic barn weddings are not a trend.  I think you will see various forms of wedding trends come and go for this style of wedding, but as a whole it shows no sign of dying out. Plug in rustic weddings on Pinterest and you will see for yourself, it's a community of creativity overload!

How do I know this?
Because I know everything. ;) Just kidding, but I do know that rustic wedding have a strong dominance in the wedding market right now and vendors are continuing to thrive, create and provide better service for couples looking for rustic style weddings.  I also find that many NYC couples are making the short trek upstate to savor making their forever promises in the rolling hills of the Catskills and Schoharie County.

Couples are too creative
Couples are just too creative to let a good thing die. Rustic venues certainly serve a creative person’s style and inclination to deviate from tradition.  Creativity is not an exclusive right to a country style wedding, but between the blogs and magazines dedicated to this genre of wedding ceremonies, it certainly promotes a sense of uniqueness and I think you will see it grow and change and get better and better.

It’s more than mason jar magic now kids:

This past year I have seen many crazy cool twists and turns to the wedding industry in the rustic sense.  Mason jars were the early poster child for all things unique in the country wedding, but it’s become way more than that.
I encourage you to follow along on Pinterest as we post images from our rustic weddings and find some ideas of our own.
Check out a few of my boards as we continue to build on ideas - we always welcome to hear some of yours!  Amber J Weddings on Pinterest

Stay tuned for our next blog features Maple Shade Farms in Upstate NY. They have actually found a way to make a DIY wedding happen for you! I think it's a fantastic idea and I can't wait to share it with you!
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