Thursday, May 15, 2014

{Upstate NY Wedding Photographer } - The Nightmares Have Begun!

The bad dreams have started. I am sure they begin because I am so passionate about what I do that my thoughts, fears and ideas don't necessarily shut down just because I fall asleep.
I dream a lot and usually it’s nothing worth remembering. Half of the time my dreams don’t make sense, but wedding season is upon us and the nightmares have started! What do they consist of? I am so glad you asked, because I feel I need to talk about it.
For instance I dream that I arrive at bridal suite at noon which would be fine if I wasn’t supposed to be there at 10. Then there is that great moment when I go to capture THE shot and realize my camera battery has died and I have no back up.
I don’t have a flash and the camera won’t focus in the super dark caverns style church or maybe I get lost and I can’t find the church or…
- I have the wrong date.
- All the images turn out dark…or don’t show up at all.
- My camera just stops working.
- I show up in my what I slept in the night before.
- I forget shoes
- I completely miss the ceremony.
-I fall
-I fall into water (don't ask)
The odd thing is that my scariest dreams in real life is having someone chase me.(No I didn't like hide and seek as a child).  So far no one has legit chased me at a wedding. I wake up in terrifying panic only be washed over with sweet relief when reality clears the haze.  It’s crazy! So far NONE of that has even come close to true. Therefore it results in checking and double checking and triple checking EVERYTHING.
Now that I have expunged my inner turmoil, you may continue on with your life without further interruption.

Sweet dreams!

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