Friday, June 3, 2016

FITNESS FRIDAY! Tone Your Booty for the Big Day (and the Honeymoon!)

Orange Theory Fitness Trainer Sarah!
Say hello this crazy cool #AJBRIDE Sarah! She's a fitness trainer at Orange Theory and she's one of those people that can keep you on track before your wedding day.  So, she put together a couple of awesome work outs for your bridal booty. Check it out!

Bridal Booty Bootcamp begins now...
Who doesn’t want a toned booty for that gorgeous mermaid dress? Or better yet, who doesn’t want to look and feel extra confident on the beach for the perfect romantic honeymoon? Doing these exercises before the big day will help you get there! All of these exercises can be performed at home or in a gym, and with or without weights (but I STRONGLY encourage weights!).

Reverse Lunge 
Begin by standing up straight, feet together (dumbbells in each hand are optional but encouraged). Take a big step back with one foot, landing on your toes/ball of your foot and lowering your knee toward the floor. Your front leg should be at about a 90-degree angle and your knee should not go beyond your toes. Bring your back foot forward, coming back to the starting position. Continue to repeat and alternate sides for 20 repetitions total.

Sumo Squat

Begin with your feet more than hip width apart, toes pointed out (dumbbell in both hands is optional but encouraged). Squat down and back, as if reaching for the seat of a chair, keeping your chest upright and knees out. At the bottom of the squat, your thighs should be parallel with the floor. Rise up to the starting position, squeezing your gluteus muscles at the top! Continue to repeat for 10 repetitions total.

Hip Bridge:
Begin lying on the ground with your feet flat on the floor (dumbbell resting across your hips, held in place with your hands, is optional but encouraged). Squeeze your gluteus muscles to raise your hips off the floor. Try to do all of the work with your gluteus muscles; don’t let your quadriceps help! Lower back to the floor and continue to repeat for 10 repetitions total.
Repeat all three exercises for a total of 10 sets!

In addition to the above exercises, I STRONGLY recommend interval training before the big day. Interval training, a workout that alternates between periods of high and low intensity, is the most EFFECTIVE and the most EFFICIENT way to lose fat and get lean. There are many ways to intervaltrain; you can even adapt the above exercises into your own interval training workout! You can also visit
Orangetheory Fitness in Niskayuna (and coming soon to Albany!) for an hour-long interval trainingsession led by a highly qualified and motivational trainer. Orangetheory Fitness offers full-body, interval training that uses your own heart rate to create the perfect workout for you and your current fitness level. The workout is different every day to offer variety and ensure a challenge, but each workout incorporates strength, conditioning, and cardio training on a variety of equipment to help you achieve the fitness level and body you desire. What are you waiting for? Your first session is on us!

Sarah Jaeger (once an Amber J Bride!) is a full-time attorney and a part-time trainer. She is a Certified Functional Strength Coach, an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, and a TRX Qualified Trainer. She trains classes at Orangetheory Fitness Niskayuna on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 5:00 a.m. and 6:15 a.m.

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Sarah Jaeger Orangetheory Fitness Niskayuna 3333 Consaul Road

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