Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jewelry By Hope! Just look and see!

Hope Knapp and her jewelry design will blow you away...better yet, her prices will keep you coming back for more.
Hope owns her own jewelry business E.Claire Jewelry which can be found on Facebook as E.Claire Designs.  The entrepreneur commenced her journey in jewelry making in 2008 being inspired by the beautiful items in the back of her "mom" magazines.  However, the prices attached to the hand crafted items suffocated any desire to purchase!  She began to research supplies and ideas as well as tutorials and jumped in with the idea to design custom jewelry which was affordable.
Hope's line is unique and refreshing. No two pieces are the same, so when a piece is designed for YOU, there is none other like it.
"My jewelry is created by me through you with your children’s names, birth crystals or even sayings that inspire you. Each piece is hand stamped by me so no two are ever the same," said Hope.
Here are some ideas to utilize Hope's incredible talents!
 - Brides desire these for their save the date necklace, bridesmaid gifts and bridal jewelry..
- Moms of all types! Grand, Great etc..these pieces are made for you to wear your most precious possessions in the world, your children
- Kids love to have their name on display especially those are hard to find names with unique spellings
One of a kind sterling silver pieces with copper, aluminum, and Swarovski crystal embellishments. Each piece is uniquely yours with your personalized information.
Hope is from DeLancey NY and she can be contacted a number of ways!
o My Etsy store is
o My website which is under construction is
o Email is

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