Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Upstate NY Photographer: I'm No Tattoo Artist...

Being a professional photographer has a catch.  It's that whole word "professional". That moment when you want your clients to realize you have it together, you know how to produce amazing  images and yet connect with them on a personal level.
Before vacation wrapped me up in sunshine, I met with an adorable couple in the little town of Roxbury, NY.  From minute one it started to unravel with professionalism slowly leaking from all areas of what should compose a meeting between photographer and client.
1. The client ran super late (that happens)
2. Client got a little lost maneuvering some roads to their venue prior to meeting me, even later.
3. Absolutely no cell service in this cute little town. None. I was cut off.
4. All little cafes and restaurants CLOSED by the time we met up that Sunday afternoon.

Therefore our little client meeting took place on a bench outside of a shop on Main Street.  It was a little chilly, but not intolerable, but still everyone was a little frazzled by the time things began.  The meeting was lighthearted, but it started to get uncomfortable when a wayside pedestrian become very interested in our conversation and decided to comment... a lot. Insert many polite smiles and absolutely no where to go and hide.

Unraveling continues.

I was beginning to think, there is no way this meeting is going to solidify a great relationship - everything is going downhill.

It got worse.

In my final goodbyes and thanking them for their time, the wayward pedestrian couldn't resist asking if I was some sort of artist.
I concurred.
"Are you a tattoo artist?" We all stopped and looked at him, there were no words.
"No, sir, I am just a wedding a photographer."  JUST a wedding photographer? Like that is sublimely inferior to a tattoo artist?
"Could you take pictures of dogs and make them into tattoos?"  He was serious. The conversation was getting worse and my cute little couple just stood there watching the whole thing - nearly as confused as I was.
"No sir, I don't do tattoos. At. all."
He continued on his way (with his little dog tucked under his arm) and I looked at my couple and asked..."Is there something about me that screams dog tattoo artist?"
Hysterical laughter commenced and the most awkward client meeting in history went down in the books.
And yes, I will be photographing their wedding this July.

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