Monday, April 29, 2013

Upstate NY Wedding Photographer: Choosing a photographer must be mind numbing..

You, the soon-to-be bride and groom have a LOT going on as you plan for your up and coming wedding day. In so many ways, I envy you.  Weddings have a come a long way in the past decade or so with the internet, social media and of course, Pinterest. There are million or more choices out there and that includes wedding photographers.
It's over-whelming for me to see how many people have started there own photography business.  In a sea of facebook jump starts, I don't envy the job of pouring through countless calls for your attention.

upstate NY wedding photographer

A few simple steps could ease the pain:
1. WHO RECOMMENDS US AND WHY? Word of mouth.  Almost all of my brides have come to me by recommendations from either a friend or a venue I have worked for.  Ask around. If you already have your venue booked, ask the venue director. Chances are they are not going to recommend someone who they don't feel will suit their couples.
On a secondary note, if someone recommends a photographer, find out why.  Do they have first hand experience with the distinguished work of a certain wedding photographer or are they simply recommending their best friend, daughter or cousin? Know the source.

2. PORTFOLIO INVESTIGATION? Look over their online portfolio. As you are looking through, decide what you LIKE about a certain portfolio.  Is it their candid style? Is it their detail shots? Are they portraying a certain artistry you enjoy?

3. A PHONE CALL INSTEAD OF EMAIL? Call. Get on the phone first with your photographer. You may be able to tell right away if their personality will fit yours and believe it or not, that is vital to a successful telling of your wedding day story.

4. WHY A CONSULT?  Your photographer should always be willing to meet you in person.  Rarely will I book with a bride who I don't have a face to face consult with.  We need to talk and get to know each other a little, after all I am going to be with you every step of your wedding day... that's a big deal!

Most photographers are pulling their price list from their sites. Why? For me personally, I would not want to be passed over or judged on my services based on my price list.  It is the last point I discuss with a bride simply because I want to know what a couple wants in a photographer first.  There is a relationship that needs to be established that goes far beyond just a hired service.  I need to be the right photographer for you, not just a piece that fits in the budget process. After all, I am re-telling the priceless story of your wedding day!!!  Price points are always important, but should not be your only deciding factor :)

Always check and ask about insurance, experience and legit business standing. A photographer should always, at the very least have a DBA (doing business as) in their county and insurance.  An official facebook page is not proof of business. ASK!

Those are just a few ideas as you begin looking for the wedding photographer that is right for you.
Happy planning!!!!!

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