Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Upstate NY Photographer: Brave. What Does It Mean?

 I think in my car when I drive.  Sometimes the music is on, sometimes I like the pure quiet.  However, that is where almost all my ideas start...I wonder why that is?  I love the song Brave by Josh Groban and maybe that is what got the wheels turning a little bit.

At first I was going to do a whole series on what I thought about being brave, but I decided how rich and eye opening it would be to see what others considered brave.

So here is what I want to do and I want you to join me ( I'll do this each week for May) Take the weekend to photograph and we will post entries on Amber J Photography each Wednesday!

1. What is brave to you?  No rules here.  It can be a person, place or thing. Doesn't matter. Black and white, or color.  You can be any age to submit.  (I do ask if you are submitting the photo of someone under 18, that you provide me with a parental contact number to verify publishing rights )

2. Compose 1-3 photographs that you, yourself have taken.

3. Email them to -
Include: your name
              brief description as to why you consider it a resemblance of bravery.
              twitter handle (if you have it.)
             instagram (if  you have it)

4. You do not have to be a professional, though professionals are MORE than welcome to join too. (Just let me know your studio name so I can include that)

5. I will post a series once I get at least 5 entries. Then, please tag yourself, share the concept and be blessed by the bravery of everyone that surrounds us.

6. I will do this every week for the month of May, you may enter every week with a new concept. I'm all for it.

7. In the end, because I can't help myself I will give away goodies for a bunch of reasons.  I haven't even decided yet. I am thinking composition, storyline, unique idea...I am still figuring that out.

If you have any questions feel free to email me... :)

PS: Please keep it appropriate for FB family - friendly content 

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