Friday, May 24, 2013

Upstate NY Photographer: BRAVE: Veterans

Before I became a photographer, I was a journalist. One of the most impactful events I had to cover and photograph was the National Honor Flight escort.  I had blogged about it then...and this is what I had written:

I had the pleasure of photographing 34 World War II veterans from the local area be escorted to the Albany International Airport Saturday morning. From Albany they were being flown to Washington, DC to see the WWII monument. In DC they would be welcomed again with transportation, escorts and many, many American citizens present to say thank you.
 So, on a sunny Saturday morning, 40 biker escorts with American Flags flying from the rear of their motorcycles along with state police who provided the ultimate motorcade through our local towns until the war heroes were met at the airport. I had to wonder what was going through their minds. They were all 20 years old or so when they flew out of our country to fight against another. It was all so long ago, but to them, the memories are vivid. The emotions were written in their overwhelmed expressions as they watched policemen flash their lights and traffic stop to allow their bus to pass through. It was precious to see them talk and joke around with so many sad memories haunting their past. However, they would all say it was worth it, they all said it was for freedom. My generation may take for granted more often they we care to admit. But, it was not taken for granted Saturday, not when I was able to hug and shake hands with so many men who seemed so impressed that a day was created just for them.
I have to admit, the tears came easy when I watched them all walk down the corridor of the airport and people awaiting their own flights stood to salute or clap for them. It's hard to explain the emotions that pumped through the airport Saturday morning, but it was amazing all the same.
Here is one of my favorite pics of the day:
upstate new york photographer

I am still searching for images I took that day. If I find more, I will add them.  Once again, THANK YOU to all our service men and women and their families. <3 p="">
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