Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Joining Main Street!

I have spent SO much time debating about opening a studio or staying "remote".   I have prayed about, turmoiled over it and have traveled all over looking for the right spot. I would sit in random parking lots staring at vacant spaces staring back at me.  Could I bring it to life? Would it be worth it?  What if I fail at this? Then I realized I was that weird girl sitting in a deserted parking lot staring at blank spaces.

There it was. The last question. What if I fail?
I was driving through our little town of Middleburgh and always admiring the Main Street.  It's recovery from the angry flood of Irene is impressive. It's not just the recovery, Main Street is quaint.  Perhaps for those who have grown up here they are used to it, but for me it has a Normal Rockwell touch to it, especially at Christmas time.

I saw the space and I knew that this is where I wanted to call home, because it is home.  I know almost every owner on Main Street and it's where my children attend school and the vast majority of people know what I do and are supportive.

So, today we walk into the vacant space and see what becomes of it. It may last a short while, it may last a lifetime, but it's home.  I am thankful for a satellite studio in Delmar where we have been generously offered a space to work out of for our clients in the Albany and Bethlehem area, but here is where we get to put our feet down and join our Main Street family as we service areas from Oneonta to Albany!

We will have our doors open for the fourth friday and graduation activities.  So, if you are dodging rain drops, stop by and say hi! We will be located just down from the barber shop :)

So come say hi - if you dare ! We don't actually photograph in superman capes.... well...
But we do try on hats and take selfies.
 And we would love to see you!

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