Thursday, March 31, 2016

What I Remember About My Mom In Photographs

We have been photographing long enough to hear every reason why a mother won't get in a photo with her child.
Too fat
Too old
No make up
Messy hair
Not Ready
Another time
It's about the kids anyway

Yes, exactly.  My kids have spent a great deal of time looking through photo albums.  They love to see themselves as babies, they love to see what their mom and dad looked like before they were alive.  They are intrigued by life before them.  They love their pictures.
I love pictures (duh).  I love pictures with my mom and my mom with her mom.  It's a legacy I am being left.  Yes, some of our pictures candid, some are not, regardless we exist pictures.

We are giving you an opportunity to be professionally capture with your mom in our studio. 

I remember my mom in photographs. I don't remember her messy hair, but I remember her kissing me on the head and saying she loved me before we "cheesed" for the camera.
I don't remember her saying another time, but I do remember asking if we could squeeze one more person in the photo.

I don't remember her thinking she was too old, because with every year has come another marriage or grandchild.

I love the photographs I have of my mom.  I will have them forever and as we all know we never know how long our own forever will be.

All this to say, we are giving you plenty of time to prep for our Celebrating Mom's Mini Sessions.  How many true professional photos are there of you and your mom and her mom and all the moms i your life.

Leave your legacy in photographs.  You are ready, it's time. I hope to see you there!

Book it :)
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