Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Glassblowing? You bet.

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In my local(ish) wanderings, I ooze excitement when I find local diamonds of creativity.  I admit I didn't know much about the art of glassblowing, but after visiting with Teddy Halstead, I not only fell in love with the art, but earned a respect for the precision and dedication it takes to make just one beautiful wine goblet or lamp shade.
Halstead's passion for his work is evident in the pieces he creates. Bold colors, whimsical design that are one-of-kind.  You won't find pieces like his in any chain store, that would be insulting to the genius of this art.
As I was watching his artisans stand in front of nearly intolerable heat ovens, blow glass and begin to shape it's future I knew he would be worth sharing.
A better idea of his work can be found on his gallery site,  He visits Atlantic City and Las Vegas  frequently as his work comes in higher demand to clientele who desire unique and hand crafted gifts that explode with beauty.
I could easily see his exquistitely designed items wrapped up for my next bridal gift and I had visions of his work on the head table of receptions filled with dancing and laughter.  His lamps would cause impressive gasps and if you don't know what a wall taco is, it's about time you found out!
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