Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gulp. Blogging do-over.

First off: If you are looking for my site, please click here or go to
I just wiped away over a year of photography blogging. I consider it cathartic, but it wasn't easy. I just closed my eyes and I pressed delete.
 I had a love/hate relationship with this blog, almost like trying on a pair of jeans that you can't quite get to fit though your really like them.  THEN! just when you are about to give up and go home, you try on one last pair and BAM, you like the look and feel perfectly.
After churning out several ideas of what I wanted to do here. I decided to integrate other businesses that hold hands with mine. I come from a small town and small town business owners are GEMS of the marketing world.  These people have independent, strong and creative minds that have survived everything  (including the latest floods here in upstate New York.)  Therefore, my blog will focus on them and act as a resource for those looking for the most out of their photographer.  I already have my features lined up for over a month. I was inspired by a recent wedding invitation - and so we will be featuring it here! Glassblowers, cake decorators, card designers, florists, local and obscure places for weddings, jewelry designers, graphic artists and so much more. I am looking to publish a blog every Wednesday, that is my goal :)
Additionally, I want YOUR help. If you know of someone who would be a great feature on this blog. Let me know. I would love to help out a small business. This blog has been averages thousands of hits and I want that to keep growing!!!  If you see a creative idea that others should know about it, please get in touch with me. 
Ideas I am looking for: those that apply to weddings, child photography shoots, newborn portraits and senior shoots.  (think unique jewelry or shops for gifts,  someone who designs clothing or hats, a baker? candy store? get the idea). Email me at with your idea and contact info!
Thanks and see you Wednesday!
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